U5 LTC3632EDD#PBF Q3 MMBT3906-7-F 3 OFF 1 C25 1µF R41 S1 ON 7 2 4 R43 10k VIN SW RUN VFB HYST ISET SS GND 5 6 VIN 7 VIN VIN Vin C3 10µF 50V 1210 + R5 499k 1% 4 BST SW SW SW SW SW R6 54.9k 1% GND E2 1 BIAS PG 21 INTVCC 2 GRN C14 1µF FB 15 16 17 18 19 C5 C6 + 10µF 10µF 50V 50V C29 1210 1210 100µF 35V EMZA350ADA101MF80G 24 R16 C13 0 Ohm 1nF C19 10µF 50V 121...
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  Примечание: 24V 3A Constant Voltage, Constant Current Bench Supply Featuring LT3081, LT8612, LT3092
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U5 LTC3632EDD#PBF Q3 MMBT3906-7-F 3 OFF 1 C25 1µF R41 S1 ON 7 2 4 R43 10k VIN SW RUN VFB HYST ISET SS GND 5 6 VIN 7 VIN VIN Vin C3 10µF 50V 1210 + R5 499k 1% 4 BST SW SW SW SW SW R6 54.9k 1% GND E2 1 BIAS PG 21 INTVCC 2 GRN C14 1µF FB 15 16 17 18 19 C5 C6 + 10µF 10µF 50V 50V C29 1210 1210 100µF 35V EMZA350ADA101MF80G 24 R16 C13 0 Ohm 1nF C19 10µF 50V 1210 C24 (Opt) 1210 R46 (Opt) 7 3 IN OUT TAB NC IMON ILIM SET TEMP 4 8 Ilim+ 1 R8 3.92K 1% 5 C10 10µF 50V 1210 C11 10µF 50V 1210 C27 10µF 50V 1210 J3 Vout C12 1uF 50V E3 VOUT 0V - 24V 0A - 3A NOTE 1 E4 R12 100 1% 2 J4 GND TEMP1 R17 10.0k 1% Set+ GND R7 0.010 R9 1% 10k 1206 0805 Ilim- R19 C30 (Opt) R37 1.00k 1% R38 100k 1% C16 (Opt) D5 B140-13-F C23 0.01µF R21 Q2 MMBT3906-7-F 100k 1% U2 LT3081ER#PBF R18 4.99k 1% 6 C9 10µF 50V 1210 E5 U4 LT3092EDD#PBF C21 1µF 50V 0805 Q1 FMMT493TA 549 1% (Opt) Q5 CMST3904TR IN OUT IN OUT 5 6 NC NC NC 8 C7 10µF 50V 1210 IMON R48 2.7k 7 R44 280k 1% E7 INTVCC D R45 806k 1% R15 1.00k 1% G Q4 SI2309CDS-T1-GE3 8 4.99k 1% R47 5.1k S C26 10µF 6.3V 6 R14 23 RT 8 9 PGND 10 PGND PGND R20 60.4k 1% 700kHz R42 1.47M 1% L1 22 3 C15 0.1µF 3 U1 LT3081ER#PBF 5.5µH 744325550 Wurth Electronik TR/SS 29 549 1% INTVCC 11 12 GND 13 GND 14 GND GND R13 SYNC POWER ON D4 LG L29K-G2J1-24-Z muRata LQH32CN471K23L 20 C4 0.1µF 50V EN/UV 6 R2 25 26 NC 27 NC 28 NC NC J1 GND L2 470µH 1 9 U3 LT8612EUDE#PBF E1 C8 22µF 63V J2 5 1k 30-10002B Philmore VIN 10V to 40V 2 Vin INTVCC OUT SET 4 1 2 3 9 IMON R22 Set+ 200 1% 0805 E6 GND VOUT MAX R24 47.5k 1% 1 2 5V 3 4 15V 5 6 24V JP1 IMON 7 3 IN OUT TAB NC ILIM IMON R29 1.00k 1% SET TEMP R23 4 8 R25 (Opt) 1 C20 10µF 50V 1210 C22 10µF 50V 1210 C28 10µF 50V 1210 R26 0.010 1% 10k 1206 0805 5 2 E8 TEMP2 R30 10.0k 1% R27 73.2k 1% R28 11.3k 1% VOUT ADJUST ILIM ADJUST 2 NOTE 1 Set+ C17 0.01µF 3 CW CCW 2 1 3 CW Ilim+ R31 10k Bourns Inc. 91A1A-B28-A15L CCW 2 3 CW CCW NOTES: UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. 1. MAX VOUT is set by JP1 setting. 2. ALL CAPACITORS AND RESISTORS ARE 0603. 3 CW CCW 1 Ilim- R34 5k (OPT) APPROVALS LINEAR TECHNOLOGY HAS MADE A BEST EFFORT TO DESIGN A CIRCUIT THAT MEETS CUSTOMER-SUPPLIED SPECIFICATIONS; HOWEVER, IT REMAINS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PCB DES. VERIFY PROPER AND RELIABLE OPERATION IN THE ACTUAL APP ENG. APPLICATION. COMPONENT SUBSTITUTION AND PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD LAYOUT MAY SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECT CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE OR RELIABILITY. CONTACT LINEAR TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS ENGINEERING FOR ASSISTANCE. TECHNOLOGY LTC CONFIDENTIAL - FOR CUSTOMER USE ONLY N/A SCALE = NONE 1630 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 www.linear.com Phone: (408)432-1900 Fax: (408)434-0507 TITLE: SCHEMATIC SIZE C:\PADS PROJECTS\2132A\SCH\2132A_REV3.DSN THIS CIRCUIT IS PROPRIETARY TO LINEAR TECHNOLOGY AND SUPPLIED FOR USE WITH LINEAR TECHNOLOGY PARTS. Ilim- 2 1 R33 10k (OPT) CUSTOMER NOTICE 1 R32 5k Bourns Inc. 91A1A-B28-A13L Constant Voltage, Constant Current Bench Supply LT3081, LT8612, LT3092, LTC3632 DC2132A IC NO. MODIFY DATE: May 22, 2014 10:51:20 SHEET 1 OF REV. 3 1 PDF
Документация на DC2132A 


Дата модификации: 27.05.2021

Размер: 91.8 Кб

1 стр.

DEMO MANUAL DC2132A LT3081, LT8612, LT3092 24V 3A Constant Voltage, Constant Current Bench Supply Description DC2132A is a 24V 3A constant voltage, constant current bench supply. It regulates any output voltage from 0V to 24V and any output current from 0A to 3A. It runs from 10V to 40V input although the output voltage should remain 5V or more below the input voltage. The LT®8612 step-down regulator is followed by two parallel LT®3081 linear regulators for a combination of low output ripple, high bandwidth and easy-to-adjust output voltage and current limits. The LT8612 is configured in pulseskipping operation and its output voltage is regulated to roughly 1.7V above the output voltage of the LT3081. The LT3081 SET and ILIM pins are connected to potentiometers that act as adjustable knobs on the PCB for voltage and current limit respectively. The LT 3092 current source is used to deliver current to power the adjustable resistance of the voltage limit knob (potentiometer). That voltage directly sets the output voltage of the LT3081. The maximum output voltage can be set to three settings: 24V, 15V and 5.5V with the shunt position on JP1. The setting should be changed according to the choice of input voltage. A 36V, 24V, or 12V AC/DC converter can be used to power this supply (as well as any DC voltage between 10V and 40V.) If input voltage limits maximum output voltage, then it is recommended to adjust the maximum output voltage to get the full range of the adjustment knob for best resolution. ® DC2132A operates to 0V and 0A. It is short-circuit proof. With very small output capacitance, the short-circuit spike is hundreds of times shorter in duration than commonly used and expensive laboratory bench power supplies. With the LT3081s in parallel on the output of this supply, small output capacitance makes this possible. Only 30μF is needed on the output of each LT3081. The LT3081 provides very low output ripple and short-circuit robustness. An ON/OFF switch turns the converter and its components on and off. A green indicator LED tells if the circuit is on or not. Two TEMP turrets and an IMON turret provide readouts of the LT3081 IC temperatures and the bench supply output current. The LT3081, LT8612, and LT3092 data sheets give complete descriptions of the devices, operation and applications information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with this demo manual for DC2132A. The LT3081ER is assembled in a 7-lead plastic DD (R) package with a thermally enhanced VOUT tab and with θJA = 15ºC/W. Proper board layout is essential for maximum thermal performance. See the the Layout Considerations section in the data sheet. Design files for this circuit board are available at http://www.linear.com/demo/DC2132A L, LT, LTC, LTM, Linear Technology and the Linear logo are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. dc2132af 1 PDF
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DC2132A - LT3081, LT8612, LT3092: 24V 3A Constant Voltage, Constant Current Bench Supply

Дата модификации: 26.05.2021

Размер: 547 Кб

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    27 октября 2021

    Компактный настольный источник питания CN-0508 от Analog Devices мощностью 75 Вт

    Инженеры компании Analog Devices разработали дизайн компактного одноканального регулируемого блока питания CN–0508 с поддержкой удаленного управления и выпустили отладочный комплект EVAL–CN0508–RPIZ. В статье представлены схема,... ...читать

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