Конденсатор танталовый 16 В, 220 мкФ ±10%, корпус WIRE, -55...125 °C
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SECTION 3: LEADED TANTALUM Introduction Introduction Foreword KYOCERA AVX offers a broad line of solid Tantalum capacitors in a wide range of sizes, styles, and ratings to meet any design needs. This catalog combines into one source KYOCERA AVX’s leaded tantalum capacitor information from its worldwide tantalum operations. The TAP/TEP is rated for use from -55°C to +85°C at rated voltage and up to +125°C with voltage derating. There are three preferred wire forms to choose from which are available on tape and reel, and in bulk for hand insertion. And if the customer requirements are outside our standard testing, KYOCERA AVX will work with you to define and implement a test or screening plan. KYOCERA AVX is determined to become the world leader in tantalum capacitor technology and has made, and is continuing to make, significant investments in equipment and research to reach that end. We believe that the investment has paid off with the devices shown on the following pages. KYOCERA AVX has a complete tantalum applications service available for use by all our customers. With the capability to prototype and mass produce solid tantalum capacitors in special configurations, almost any design need can be fulfilled. DIPPED RADIAL CAPACITORS SOLID TANTALUM RESIN DIPPED SERIES TAP/TEP The TAP/TEP resin dipped series of miniature tantalum capacitors is available for individual needs in both commercial and professional applications. From computers to automotive to industrial, KYOCERA AVX has a dipped radial for almost any application. Tantalum Graphite Resin encapsulation Tantalum wire Terminal Wire Silver Solder Manganese dioxide Tantalum pentoxide 230 The Important Information/Disclaimer is incorporated in the catalog where these specifications came from or available online at www.kyocera-avx.com/disclaimer/ by reference and should be reviewed in full before placing any order. – polymer, tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors – PDF
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Dipped Radial Capacitors Wire Form Outline SOLID TANTALUM RESIN DIPPED TAP/TEP Preferred Wire Forms D Figure 1 D Figure 2 D Figure 3 H H1 + 4 (0.16) max + 2.0(0.08) max H1 + L L S L S S d d 2.0 (0.079) min Wire Form C 2 (0.079) min d Wire Form B Wire Form S Non-Preferred Wire Forms (Not recommended for new designs) Figure 4 Figure 5 D Figure 6 D D H1 max +0.118 (3.0) H + 3.8 (0.15) max + 0.079 (2) min L 1.10 +0.25 -0.10 L L S (0.4 +0.010 -0.004 ) H S d d S Wire Form F Wire Form D Wire Form G DIMENSIONS Wire Form Figure millimeters (inches) Case Size L (see note 1) S d Packaging Suffixes Available* Preferred Wire Forms C Figure 1 A - R* 16.0±4.00 (0.630±0.160) 5.00±1.00 (0.200±0.040) 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) CCS CRW CRS Bulk Tape/Reel Tape/Ammo B Figure 2 A - J* 16.0±4.00 (0.630±0.160) 5.00±1.00 (0.200±0.040) 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) BRW BRS Tape/Reel Tape/Ammo S Figure 3 A - J* 16.0±4.00 (0.630±0.160) 2.50±0.50 (0.100±0.020) 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) SCS SRW SRS Bulk Tape/Reel Tape/Ammo Non-Preferred Wire Forms (Not recommended for new designs) F Figure 4 A-R 3.90±0.75 (0.155±0.030) 5.00±0.50 (0.200±0.020) 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) FCS Bulk D Figure 5 A - H* 16.0±4.00 (0.630±0.160) 2.50±0.75 (0.100±0.020) 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) DCS DTW DTS Bulk Tape/Reel Tape/Ammo G Figure 6 A-J A-R 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) 0.50±0.05 (0.020±0.002) Bulk Similar to Figure 1 3.18±0.50 (0.125±0.020) 6.35±1.00 (0.250±0.040) GSB H 16.0±4.00 (0.630±0.160) 16.0±4.00 (0.630±0.160) HSB Bulk Notes: (1) Lead lengths can be supplied to tolerances other than those above and should be specified in the ordering information. (2) For D, H, and H1 dimensions, refer to individual product on following pages. * For case size availability in tape and reel, please refer to pages 199-200. 192 PDF
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Tantalum 14.6_66716 Tantalum

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