Конденсатор танталовый 25 В, 47 мкФ ±20%, корпус J BEND, -55...125 °C
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Номинальное напряжение
Номинальная ёмкость
Допуск ёмкости
Код корпуса
Рабочая температура
Ток утечки
Тангенс угла диэлектрических потерь
Эквивалентное последовательное сопротивление
Максимальный ток пульсаций
Размер 7.3×4.3×4.1 мм
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Аналоги 25

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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Напряжение Ёмкость Допуск Корпус T раб Ток утечки tanD ESR Пульсации Монтаж Особенности Карточка
P- TCQE476M025R0050E (AVX)
A+ TPSD476M035R0300V (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM 1 шт
A+ TPSE476M035R0250V (AVX) TANT73434373X43X43MM
A+ TRJD476K025R0250 (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM
A+ TRJD476K025RRJ (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM 1 шт
A+ F931E476KNC (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM
A+ F931E476MNC (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM
A+ TCJU476M035R0070E (AVX) TANT73614373X61X43MM 1 шт
A+ TRME476K025R0065 (AVX) 27 шт
A+ TPSD476K035R0300V (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM 1 шт
A+ TPSD476M025H0150 (AVX)
A+ TPSE476M035R0200V (AVX)
A+ TCJY476M035R0100E (AVX)
A+ TCJY476M025R0100E (AVX) TANT73432073X43X20MM 30 шт
A+ TAJV476K035RNJ (AVX) TANT73613873X61X38MM
A+ TCME476M035R0045E (AVX)
A+ TCME476M035R0060E (AVX)
A+ TAJD476K025SNJ (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM
A+ TAJD476K035RNJ (AVX) 1 шт
A+ TAJD476M035RNJV (AVX) TANT73433173X43X31MM 9 шт
A+ TBJE476K035LRSB0000 (AVX)
A+ TBJV476K035CBSB0000 (AVX)
A+ TAJY476K025RNJ (AVX) TANT73432073X43X20MM 1 шт

Файлы 1

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TCM Series – Multianode Ultra Low ESR - J-Lead TCM Series Conductive Polymer Solid Electrolytic Chip Multianode Capacitors FEATURES • Conductive Polymer Electrode, Multianode Design • Benign Failure Mode Under Recommended Use Conditions • Extremely Low ESR • 3x Reflow 260°C Compatible • 100% Surge Current Tested • Volumetric Efficiency • High Frequency Capacitance Retention LEAD-FREE COMPATIBLE COMPONENT SnPb termination option is not RoHS compliant. Elektra Award 2010 APPLICATIONS • Telecommunication Routers • Base Stations with High Power DC/DCs CASE DIMENSIONS: millimeters (inches) MARKING E, U, V CASE AVX LOGO Polymer AVX LOGO Polymer Polarity Band Polarity (Anode+) Band (Anode+) Code EIA Code EIA Metric L±0.20 (0.008) W+0.20 (0.008) –0.10 (0.004) H+0.20 (0.008) –0.10 (0.004) W1 ±0.20 (0.008) A+0.30 (0.012) –0.20 (0.008) E 2917 7343-43 7.30 (0.287) S Min. 4.30 (0.169) 4.10 (0.162) 2.40 (0.094) 1.30 (0.051) 4.40 (0.173) U 2924 7361-43 7.30 (0.287) 6.10 (0.240) 4.10 (0.162) 3.10 (0.122) 1.30 (0.051) 4.40 (0.173) V 2924 7361-38 7.30 (0.287) 6.10 (0.240) 3.55 (0.140) 3.10 (0.122) 1.30 (0.051) 4.40 (0.173) W1 dimension applies to the termination width for A dimensional area only. Engineering samples - please contact AVX Capacitance Value in pF 337 = 330µF Capacitance Value in pF 337 = 330µF Rated Voltage A = 10V Rated Voltage IDACode = 10V 337 A 337 A XXXXX XXXXX ID Code HOW TO ORDER TCM E Type Case Size See table above 108 M 004 Capacitance Code Tolerance Rated DC Voltage pF code: 1st two digits represent significant figures, 3rd digit represents multiplier (number of zeros to follow) M = ±20% 002 = 2.5Vdc 004 = 4Vdc 006 = 6.3Vdc 010 = 10Vdc 016 = 16Vdc 020 = 20Vdc 025 = 25Vdc 035 = 35Vdc 040 = 40Vdc 050 = 50Vdc 100 = 100Vdc R 0010 E Packaging ESR in mΩ Additional Character R = Pure Tin 7" Reel S = Pure Tin 13" Reel H = Tin Lead 7" Reel K = Tin Lead 13" Reel E = Black resin (it is possible to order PN without "E" as identical product) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Technical Data: Capacitance Range: Capacitance Tolerance: Leakage Current DCL: Temperature Range: Termination Finish: All technical data relate to an ambient temperature of +25ºC 10μF to1000μF ±20% 0.1CV -55ºC to +125ºC Sn Plating (standard) and SnPb Plating NOTE: Conductive Polymer Capacitors are designed to operate within the limits of the environmental conditions specified for each series. If operated continuously at their maximum temperature and / or humidity limit, or beyond these limits, capacitors may exhibit a parametric shift in capacitance and increases in ESR. These changes may occur earlier if the specified environmental conditions are exceeded. Similarly, their normal operational time period will be significantly extended if their general duty cycle includes operation below maximum temperature within humidity controlled environments. Careful attention should be paid to maximum temperature with associated high humidity environments as well as voltage derating, ripple current and current surges. Please reference the AVX Conductive Polymer Capacitor Guidelines for more information or contact factory for application assistance. The Important Information/Disclaimer is incorporated in the catalog where these specifications came from or available online at by reference and should be reviewed in full before placing any order. 081321 199 PDF
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