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*R oH S CO M PL IA N T TISP4500H3BJ BIDIRECTIONAL THYRISTOR OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTORS TISP4500H3BJ Overvoltage Protector Non-Conductive During K.20/21/45 Power Contact Test - Off-State Voltage .................................................... >245 V rms - For Controlled Environment ............................... 0 °C to 70 °C SMBJ Package (Top View) Ion-Implanted Breakdown Region Precise and Stable Voltage Low Voltage Overshoot under Surge R 1 VDRM V(BO) V @ 0 °C V @ 70 °C 350 500 Device TISP4500H3BJ MD-SMB-004-a Device Symbol Rated for International Surge Wave Shapes Wave Shape 2 T T IPPSM Standard A 2/10 GR-1089-CORE 500 10/250 GR-1089-CORE 230 10/700 ITU-T K.20/21/45 200 10/1000 GR-1089-CORE 100 R SD-TISP4xxx-001-a .............................................. UL Recognized Component Description This device is designed to limit overvoltages on the telephone line to ±500 V over the temperature range. The minimum off-state voltage of ±350 V allows a.c. power contact voltages of up to 245 V rms to occur without clipping. The combination of these two voltages gives protection for components having ratings of 500 V or above and ensures the protector is non-conducting for the ITU-T recommendations K.20/21/45 230 V rms power cross test condition (test number 2.3.1). The protector consists of a symmetrical voltage-triggered bidirectional thyristor. Overvoltages are initially clipped by breakdown clamping until the voltage rises to the breakover level, which causes the device to crowbar into a low-voltage on state. This low-voltage on state causes the current resulting from the overvoltage to be safely diverted through the device. The high crowbar holding current helps prevent d.c. latchup as the diverted current subsides. How To Order Device TISP4500H3BJ Package SMB (DO-214AA) Carrier Order As Embossed Tape Reeled TISP4500H3BJR-S WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Marking Code Std. Qty. 4500H3 3000 APRIL 2001 - REVISED JANUARY 2007 *RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Jan. 27, 2003 including Annex. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Users should verify actual device performance in their specific applications. The products described herein and this document are subject to specific legal disclaimers as set forth on the last page of this document, and at www.bourns.com/docs/legal/disclaimer.pdf. PDF
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Дата модификации: 31.10.2019

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    31 мая 2019

    Три ступени Bourns, включая TBU – защита RS-485 от импульсных перенапряжений

    Сергей Сотников (КОМПЭЛ) Порты популярнейшего интерфейса RS–485 могут эксплуатироваться в очень жестких электромагнитных условиях. Компания Bourns предлагает наиболее надежную трехступенчатую схему защиты RS–485 на базе... ...читать

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