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Cree® LED Module LMR4 with TrueWhite® Technology A fast, proven way to realize the promise of LED Lighting Data Sheet Cree LED Modules provide a simple solution for lighting designers and manufacturers to adopt best in class LED lighting from Cree. The LMR series continues Cree’s history of innovation in LEDs for lighting applications and provides a comprehensive solution including Cree’s patented TrueWhite Technology to achieve an industry-leading combination of light quality and efficacy. This versatile LED lighting module allows design flexibility with the beautiful color and efficacy of Cree TrueWhite technology. The Cree LED Module LMR4 with TrueWhite Technology is the ideal choice for lighting applications where high CRI and efficacy are required, such as restaurants, retail and hospitality lighting. The compact module form factor is a benefit to lighting manufacturers seeking a simple solution to adopt LED lighting or cost-effectively expand their existing LED-lighting product portfolio. FEATURES • Cree TrueWhite technology • Comprehensive solution with driver electronics, optics and core thermals • 700 lm @ 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000 K CCT • Supports dimming to 5% of rated light output • Designed to last at least 35,000 hours at L70 • Versatile form factor • Cree IES LM-80 data in support of U. S. DOE ENERGY STAR® qualification • The LMR4 (120 V) is UL-recognized and California Title 24-compliant, and the LMR4 (230 V) complies with multiple international standards R4 Rev 3 CLM-DS01-LM Data Sheet: Cree TrueWhite technology: • A better way to generate white light that utilizes a patented mixture of unsaturated yellow and saturated red LEDs. • Proprietary optical system utilizes a unique combination of reflective and refractive optical components to achieve a uniform, comfortable appearance. Pixelation and direct view of LEDs is eliminated. • Technology benefit - high CRI and efficacy allows customers to avoid having to make tradeoffs between energy efficiency and light quality as compared to other lighting alternatives. • Marketing benefit - Cree logo on lens enables brand marketing value on final design. Subject to change without notice. www.cree.com/modules 1 PDF
Документация на LMR040-0700-40F9-20100TW 

Cree LMR4 LED Module Data Sheet

Дата модификации: 04.02.2011

Размер: 366.1 Кб

5 стр.

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