Частотный резонатор - Частота: 5.7143 МГц; PPM25°C: 30 ppm; PPMТраб: 50 ppm; Монтаж: HC49U; CНагр: 20 пФ; Гармоника: 1
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Стабильность при 25°C
Стабильность в рабочем температурном диапазоне
Нагрузочная ёмкость
Рабочая температура
Размер 10.85×3.8×13.46 мм
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Частота PPM 25 PPM Траб Монтаж C нагр Т раб Карточка
A- MP057 (CTS) XTALHC49U113X49MM Частотный  резонатор - Частота: 5.7143 МГц; PPM25°C: 30 ppm; PPMТраб: 50 ppm; Монта...

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Документация на MP018B-E 


Дата модификации: 28.09.2015

Размер: 1.52 Мб

6 стр.

MP Series Quartz Crystal FEATURES • • • • • • • • • Standard HC-49/U Package, HC-49/U SMMC Package Option Available Stable Frequency Over Temperature and Drive Level Fundamental and 3rd Overtone Crystals Frequency Range 1.8432 – 64 MHz Frequency Tolerance, ±30 ppm Standard Frequency Stability, ±50 ppm Standard Operating Temperature, –20°C to +70°C Standard, -40°C to +85°C Available Tape & Reel Packaging Available RoHS/Green Compliant (6/6) APPLICATIONS The MP crystal series offers excellent long-term stability and reliability in a proven resistance-weld metal package. The excellent shock performance makes it suitable for microprocessor, telecommunication, industrial, consumer electronics and networking applications. ORDERING INFORMATION MP - FREQUENCY/LOAD CODE PRODUCT OPTIONS Product Frequency/Load Code. [3 to 4 digits] INS - Mylar Insulation Spacer SLV - Insulating Body Sleeve * TW - Hold Down Top Wire (welded) * SMMC - Surface Mount Lead Form w/ Metal Clip Third Lead * SM - Surface Mount Lead Form w/ TW Third Lead [Obsolete] Refer to Standard Product Part Numbers table on Page 2. PACKAGING OPTIONS Blank - Bulk ** 1 - Tape and Reel (SMMC Product Option Only) 2 - Radial Taping (Ammopak) TEMPERATURE RANGE OPTIONS Blank - Standard, -20°C to +70°C E - Extended Temperature Range, -40°C to +85°C ** Standard packaging is bulk in a bag. * Consult factory for Option availability. Non-Standard Ordering Options ƒ Custom requirements may be available upon request. Use form C052 to detail non-standard parameters. ( ƒ Contact your local CTS Representative or CTS Customer Service for assistance. Document No. 008-0308-0 Page 1- 6 Rev. G PDF
Документация на серию MP 

Microsoft Word - 008-0308-0_G MP Series.doc

Дата модификации: 28.02.2012

Размер: 189 Кб

6 стр.

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