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Датчик уровня жидкости поплавкового типа. Представляет собой выключатель на напряжение до 250 В
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3RSF30 SERIES 100 VOLTAGE watt internal fitting HIGH REED RELAYS K6 7 TM 4HEThe 3 SERIES DEVELOPED FOR THE HIGH VOLTAGE RSF30WAS series is a range of higher power entry,WHERE internally fitted devices. !4%side MARKET PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDThese 0#" may be used directly switching some small loads SPACE IS AT AforPREMIUM THE 3 SERIES HIGH VOLTAGE of less than 100VA. Mounting of this series REED RELAY OFFERS A  OR  K6 ISOLATION PERFORMANCE requires access to the inside of the tank. They IN A MM SIZE PACKAGE 7ITH LOW CONTACT are manufactured in Nylon or Polypropylene, RESISTANCE THE 3 of SERIES IS SUITABLE FORtoMANY with a choice gasket materials, suit HIGH most VOLTAGE APPLICATIONS AT $# AND LOW FREQUENCY commonly used liquids. WHERE PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY ARE PARAMOUNT The switch action may be reversed by rotating the device through 180°. -ECHANICAL $IMENSIONS !LL DIMENSIONS ARE IN MILLIMETERS INCHES                                            100W contacts  #OMPACT &OOTPRINT Rugged design  $ESIGNED 3PECIFICALLY FOR (IGH 6OLTAGE Reliable reed switch contacts  2HODIUM #ONTACTS FOR ,OW 2ESISTANCE WRAS   ORapproval K6 )SOLATION "ETWEEN #ONTACTS Many variants are UL recognised  %XCELLENT ,IFETIME #HARACTERISTICS components File No. E171218 #ONTACT Specification 5NITS #ONDITIONS Technical RSF33 #ONTACT -ATERIALS Material Nylon )SOLATION !CROSS #ONTACTS K6 $# OR !# PEAK Colour Black -AX #ARRY #URRENT ! $# OR !# Temp. Range °C -20 /RMS +75(Z -AX 3WITCHING 0OWER 7 °F -4 / +167 -AXFluid 3WITCHING 6 $# OR0.8 !# PEAK Min. S.G. 6OLTAGE -AX 3WITCHING #URRENT ! $# OR !# Must Close Level (S.G.=1) 20mmPEAK #APACITANCE !CROSS #ONTACTS P& #OIL3CREEN Must Open Level (S.G.=1) 47mm'ROUNDED ,IFETIME /PERATIONS $RY *Maximum temperature requires ETFE cable to be specified. 3WITCHING ,IFETIME /PERATIONS 7 3WITCHING #ONTACT 2ESISTANCE M/HMS -AXIMUM 4YPICAL Electrical Specification )NSULATION 2ESISTANCE #ONTACT /HMS -INIMUM 4YPICAL Contact Form4ERMINALS TO !LL /THER Switching Power Max. VA #OIL AT ƒ# Switching Voltage AC Max. -UST /PERATE 6 $# Switching Voltage DC Max. -UST 2ELEASE 6 $# Switching Current Max. A /PERATE 4IME MS $IODE &ITTED All2ELEASE ratings are for resistive load only. MS 4IME K6 &ORM ! 2HODIUM           RSF34K6 &ORM ! 2HODIUM Polypropylene  Opaque -20 / +100  +4 / +212   0.8  23mm 52mm        N/O (N/C) 6100 6 6 240   120   5   $IODE &ITTED    Standard Parts Material Leadouts 2ESISTANCE /HMS    RSF33Y100RC Nylon 1.0m PVC 16/0.2 UL approved #ONSTRUCTION RSF34W100RF )SOLATION #ONTACT TO #OIL Polypropylene K6 $# OR !# 1.0m PEAK PVC 16/0.2 UL approved  TO !LL versions /THER 4ERMINALS /HMS applications. -INIMUM Custom can be made for particular Please 4YPICAL contact Cynergy3 with your requirements. %NVIRONMENTAL /PERATING 4EMPERATURE 2ANGE ƒ#  TO    ƒ 6 6 6              Gaskets   Nitrile Nitrile  USA  TO  Mechanical Dimensions Cynergy3 Components 2320 Paseo de las Americas, Suite 104 All dimensions are in millimeters (inches) 53!San Diego, CA 92154 0ART .UMBERING 3YSTEM #YNERGY Sales #OMPONENTS & Tech Support (866) 258-5057 12.7mm (0.5") dia. (RSF33) 94mm 2EEDSWITCH 3IZE 3 3 ! 2 22mm  16.5mm (0.65") dia. (RSF34) (3.7") Email: DE LAS !MERICAS 3UITE  (0.9") #ONTACT &ORM ! &ORM ! Hole in Tank RSF33 6mm (0.2") max. tank wall 3AN $IEGO #!  #ONTACT -ATERIAL 2 2HODIUM EUROPE - UK RSF34 8mm (0.3") max. tank wall 3ALES  4ECH 3UPPORT    15.25mm crs Cynergy3 Components Ltd. -OULDING 2EFERENCE(0.6") .UMBER %MAIL SALES CYNERGYCOM 7 Cobham Road #OIL 6OLTAGE 6 6 6 Must close Ferndown Industrial Estate Switch )SOLATION "ETWEEN #ONTACTS K6 %52/0% 5+Dorset BH21 7PE Wimborne, closed K6 level M16x2 Thread (RSF34) Telephone +44 (0) 1202 #YNERGY #OMPONENTS ,TD 897969     85mm max. $# ONLY 0IN  (6 M12x1.75 Thread (RSF33) Must open 50° max. (3.3") Fax +44 (0) 1202 891918  #OBHAM 2OAD &AX     Gasket Seal level &ERNDOWN )NDUSTRIAL %STATE %MAIL SALES CYNERGYCOM Nylon Nut 7IMBORNE $ORSET "( 0% Switch open ISO 9001 C E R T I F I E D )3/ # % 24)&)%$ CompetitivePART partNUMBER numberCROSS cross-reference availableAT at: WWWCYNERGYCOM #OMPETITIVE REFERENCE AVAILABLE © 2007 Cynergy3 Components, All Rights Reserved. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Cynergy3 Components the Cynergy3 Components are trademarks of Cynergy3 Components ©  #YNERGY COMPONENTS !LL 2IGHTS 2ESERVED 3PECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE #YNERGY COMPONENTS AND THEand #YNERGY COMPONENTS LOGO ARElogo TRADEMARKS OF #YNERGY COMPONENTS #ORP Corp. PDF
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