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P= 1050170001 (MOLEX) в ленте 14000 шт
P= MicroXNJ (SHOU HAN) 300 шт
P= L-KLS1-238-0-0-0-R (KLS)

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NEW Micro-USB connectors meeting requirements of USB 2.0 Standard ZX Series Note: Contact us to ascertain whether a TID number has been acquired for an individual product. ■Overview Extremely small high reliability connectors complying with physical, electrical and environmental requirements of Micro-USB standard (USB 2.0). Receptacles and plugs are available in a wide variety of mounting and termination configurations, permitting their use in various applications. ■Features Reverse (Top mount) Drop-in (Mid-mount) Standard (Bottom mount) 1. Size reduction Compared with the standard Mini-B connectors, the size of ZX connectors is reduced by approximately 60% while still allowing a high-speed data transfer of 480 Mbps, specified in USB 2.0. 2. Receptacle styles Two interface configurations: Micro-B and Micro-AB in standard, mid-mount and reverse mounting styles. SMT and through-hole (shell) PC board terminations 3. Plug styles 4. High durability Unique contact and lock configuration assures high durability while maintaining easy insertion / disconnection. Fully mated condition (when mated with corresponding HRS connector) is confirmed by a definite tactile sensation USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) Eye pattern measurement results: Measured with USB 2.0 cable 2.4 m long 200 mV/div Corresponding to the receptacle styles, two interface configurations: Micro-B and Micro-A, with direct wire or PCB wire soldering. Several plug styles can be used for data transmission, earphone or charging applications. TP2 500ps/div 2010.8 1 PDF
Документация на серию ZX 

Дата модификации: 16.10.2010

Размер: 842 Кб

20 стр.

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