SENSOR, LEVEL, LIQUID, HIGH TEMP; Level Sensor Type:Liquid; Pressure, Max:5bar; Material, Body:Polysulphone; Voltage, Supply DC Max:12V; Time, Response:50чs; Current, Contact Max:10mA; Current, Output:10mA; Current, Supply:15mA; Diameter, External:19mm; Hysteresis:2 (dependent on liquid); Length / Height, External:12.4mm; Length, Lead:250mm; Material:Polysulphone; Material, Case:Plastic; Repeatability:1; Temp, Op. Max:80°C; Terminal Type:250mm Flying Leads; Thread Size:M12x1; Voltage, Contact DC Max:12V dc; Voltage, Contact DC Min:5V dc
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LLE Series Liquid level sensors DESCRIPTION The enhanced series of liquid level sensors incorporates a the dome to the photo-transistor. When liquid covers the photo-transistor trigger which provides a digital output that dome, the effective refractive index at the dome-liquid denotes the presence or absence of liquid. boundary changes, allowing some light from the LED to The mode of operation is derived from the principle of total internal reflection. An LED and photo-transistor are housed within a plastic dome at the head of the device. When no liquid is present, light from the LED is internally reflected from escape. Thus the amount of light received by the phototransistor is reduced and the output switches, indicating the presence of liquid. This method of liquid level sensing is very fast, and almost instantaneous for water. FEATURES BENEFITS • Solid state technology • Accurate, repeatable switching point • Small size • Can be mounted in applications where space is limited • Digital output • Microprocessor compatible • Pre-wired • Easy to install, saving assembly time • Electrically robust • Reverse polarity, over voltage, short circuit and transient protection TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • Home appliances • Spa baths • Vending machines • Food and beverage • Medical • Compressors • Machine tools • Automotive ORDER GUIDE Catalogue Listing Description (Type 1) Screw In, M12 Thread, Plastic Standard temperature High temperature LLE101000 LLE101101 (Type 2) LLE102000 LLE102101 (Type 3) LLE103000 LLE103101 Push In, Plastic (Type 5) LLE105000 LLE105100 Screw In, ½ in, Metal Nickel plated brass LLE205000 LLE205100 Stainless steel LLE305000 LLE305100 PDF
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LLE_iss3DS.p65 LLE Series Liquid Level Sensor datasheet, issue 3

Дата модификации: 16.06.2005

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