MOSFET, N, DIRECTFET, MT; Transistor Type:MOSFET; Transistor Polarity:N; Voltage, Vds Typ:30V; Current, Id Cont:95A; Resistance, Rds On:4.4mohm; Voltage, Vgs Rds on Measurement:10V; Voltage, Vgs th Typ:2V; Case Style:MT; Termination Type:SMD; Capacitance, Ciss Typ:6930pF; Charge, Qrr Typ @ Tj = 25°C:54nC; Current, Idm Pulse:220A; Depth, External:6.35mm; IC Package (Case style):MT; Length / Height, External:0.7mm; Marking, SMD:6607; Pins, No. of:7; Power Dissipation:2.3W; Power, Pd:3.6W; Resistance, Rds on Max:4.4mohm; Temperature, Current:25°C; Temperature, Full Power Rating:25°C; Temperature, Tj Max:150°C; Temperature, Tj Min:-40°C; Time, trr Typ:46ns; Transistors, No. of:1; Voltage, Vds:30V; Voltage, Vds Max:30V; Voltage, Vgs Max:12V; Voltage, Vgs th Max:2V; Voltage, Vgs th Min:1.3V; Width, External:5.05mm
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  • Группа: FET транзисторы  
  • Серия: IRF6607TR1  
  • Норма упаковки: 1000  шт. (в ленте)
  • не рекомендуется для новых разработок

Технические характеристики

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Конфигурация и полярность
Максимальное напряжение сток-исток
Ток стока номинальный при 25°C, без учета ограничений корпуса
Сопротивление открытого канала (мин)
Диапазон номинальных напряжений затвора
Заряд затвора
Рассеиваемая мощность
Примечание HEXFET Power MOSFETs Discrete N-Channel
Ёмкость затвора
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PD - 94574C IRF6607 HEXFET® l VDSS l 30V Application Specific MOSFETs Ideal for CPU Core DC-DC Converters l Low Conduction Losses l High Cdv/dt Immunity l Low Profile (<0.7 mm) l Dual Sided Cooling Compatible l Compatible with existing Surface Mount Techniques Power MOSFET RDS(on) max 3.3mΩ@VGS = 10V 4.4mΩ@VGS = 4.5V Qg(typ.) 50nC DirectFET™ ISOMETRIC MT Applicable DirectFET Outline and Substrate Outline (see p.9,10 for details) SQ SX ST MQ MX MT Description The IRF6607 combines the latest HEXFET® Power MOSFET Silicon technology with the advanced DirectFETTM packaging to achieve the lowest on-state resistance in a package that has the footprint of an SO-8 and only 0.7 mm profile. The DirectFET package is compatible with existing layout geometries used in power applications, PCB assembly equipment and vapor phase, infra-red or convection soldering techniques, when application note AN-1035 is followed regarding the manufacturing methods and process. The DirectFET package allows dual sided cooling to maximize thermal transfer in power systems, IMPROVING previous best thermal resistance by 80%. The IRF6607 balances both low resistance and low charge along with ultra low package inductance to reduce both conduction and switching losses. The reduced total losses make this product ideal for high efficiency DC-DC converters that power the latest generation of processors operating at higher frequencies. The IRF6607 has been optimized for parameters that are critical in synchronous buck converters including Rds(on), gate charge and Cdv/dt-induced turn on immunity. The IRF6607 offers particularly low Rds(on) and high Cdv/dt immunity for synchronous FET applications. Absolute Maximum Ratings Max. Units V DS Drain-to-Source Voltage 30 V V GS Gate-to-Source Voltage ±12 ID @ T C = 25°C Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 10V 94 ID @ T A = 25°C Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 10V 27 ID @ T A = 70°C Continuous Drain Current, V GS 22 IDM Pulsed Drain Current Parameter P D @T A = 25°C P D @T A = 70°C P D @T C = 25°C f Power Dissipation f Power Dissipation i c f f @ 10V i A 220 3.6 Power Dissipation 2.3 W 42 Linear Derating Factor 0.029 W/°C TJ Operating Junction and -40 to + 150 °C T STG Storage Temperature Range Thermal Resistance Parameter R θJC fj Junction-to-Ambient gj Junction-to-Ambient hj Junction-to-Case ij R θJ-PCB Junction-to-PCB Mounted R θJA R θJA R θJA Junction-to-Ambient Notes  through ˆ are on page 10 Typ. Max. ––– 35 12.5 ––– 20 ––– ––– 3.0 ––– 1.0 Units °C/W 1 12/22/05 PDF
Документация на серию IRF6607TR1 


Дата модификации: 18.08.2007

Размер: 221.9 Кб

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