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  Семейство: Board Connector, 3 Contact(s), 1 Row(s), Male, Straight, 0.156 inch Pitch, Solder Terminal, Locking, White Insulator
Тип разъема
Расстояние между соседними контактами
Количество контактов
Рабочий ток контактов
Тип монтажа
Расположение контактов разъема
Количество рядов контактов
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Семейство Тип Шаг Контакты Ток Напряжение Монтаж Расположение Провод AWG Применение Примечания Рядов Угол Коммерческое наименование Карточка
P= L-KLS1-3.96A-03-S (KLS) 8000 шт
F~ B3P-VH PWL2-3 DS1073-3MVW6 (CONNFLY) 1000 шт
F~ DS1073-3MVW6 (CONNFLY) 1 шт
Power Connector, 3 Contact(s), Male, Solder Terminal
F~ B3P-VH (JST) 1 шт
Board Connector, 3 Contact(s), 1 Row(s), Male, Straight, Solder Terminal

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VH CONNECTOR 6 3.96mm pitch/Disconnectable Crimp style connectors T JS 6 1 2 3 4 5 Specifications ––––––––––––––––––– • Current rating: 10A AC, DC (AWG #16) • Voltage rating: 250V AC, DC • Temperature range: -25˚C to +85˚C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current) • Contact resistance: Initial value/10m Ω max. After environmental testing/20m Ω max. • Insulation resistance: 1,000M Ω min. • Withstanding voltage: 1,500V AC/minute • Applicable wire: AWG #22 to #16 • Applicable PC board thickness: 1.6mm Note: Do not branch in parallel current which exceeds the rated current. If branched in parallel, current imbalance or other problems may develop. If it is absolutely necessary to branch such a large current in parallel, be sure to use contacts made of phosphor bronze. Design the circuits without causing imbalance and provide an extra margin for each circuit. This small, field-proven connector for printed circuit boards is reliable and has a large current carrying capacity. It can be used with a wide variety of signal, power supply, and output circuits that appear in consumer electronic products. • Proven box contact • Compact connector with a large capacity • Secure contact and mounting * Compliant with RoHS. * Refer to "General Instruction and Notice when using Terminals and Connectors" at the end of this catalog. * Contact JST for details. Standards––––––––––––––––––––––– 0 Recognized E60389 1 Certified LR20812 2 R75122 PC board layout (viewed from soldering side) and Assembly layout Locking header Top entry type Locking header Side entry type *11.0 max. when used with the VR connector receptacle. Locking header Side entry type with PCB stabilizer Shrouded header Circuit No.1 Note: 1. Tolerances are non-cumulative: ±0.05mm for all centers. 2. Please consider the pattern layout design in case of applying the large current. 3. Hole dimensions differ according to the kind of PC board and piercing method. The dimensions above should serve as a guideline. Contact JST for details. 1 PDF
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Дата модификации: 30.11.2010

Размер: 170.8 Кб

4 стр.

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