Конденсатор плёночный 1000 В, 0.33 мкФ ±20%, Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
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Номинальное постоянное напряжение
Номинальное переменное напряжение
Номинальная ёмкость
Допуск ёмкости
Диэлектрик Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
Способ монтажа
Шаг выводов
Размер 26×13.5×23 мм
Рабочая температура
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Аналоги 25

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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i VDC VAC Ёмкость Допуск Диэлектрик Монтаж Шаг Корпус Примечания Особенности Ток пульс. T раб ESR Класс Карточка
A- BFC233810334 (VISHAY) в коробках 100 шт
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
A- B32654A334J (TDK-EPC) 320 шт
A- MKP386M433125JT7 (VISHAY)
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
A- MKP386M433125JT5 (VISHAY)
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
A- F339X143348MIP2T0 (VISHAY) 1 шт
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
A- BFC238330334 (VISHAY) 1 шт
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
A- BFC233864334 (VISHAY)
Interference Suppression Film Capacitors MKP Radial Potted Type Y2
A- BFC233860334 (VISHAY)
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized Automotive; EMI, RFI Suppression
A- BFC233814334 (VISHAY)
Polypropylene (PP), Metallized
A- B32026A3334M000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32654A7334J000 (TDK-EPC) 1 шт
DC Link, DC Filtering; High Pulse, DV/DT
A- B32654A0334K189 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32654A0334K000 (TDK-EPC) 1 шт
DC Link, DC Filtering; High Pulse, DV/DT
A- B32654A0334J189 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32654A0334J000 (TDK-EPC) 1 шт
DC Link, DC Filtering; High Pulse, DV/DT
A- B32653A0334K000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32653A0334J000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32643B0334J000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32036B4334K000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32034C4334M000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32033A4334M000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32024B3334M000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32024A3334M000 (TDK-EPC) 4 шт
A- B32023A3334M000 (TDK-EPC)
A- B32023A3334K000 (TDK-EPC)

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Metallized Polypropylene Film EMI Suppression Capacitors PHE844 Series, Class X1, 440/480 VAC, 105°C Overview Applications The PHE844 Series is constructed of metallized polypropylene film encapsulated with self-extinguishing resin in a box of material meeting the requirements of UL 94 V–0. For use as a electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression filter in across-the-line applications requiring X1 safety classification. Suitable for use in situations where failure of the capacitor would not lead to danger of electric shock. Benefits • Approvals: ENEC, UL, cUL • Class X1 (IEC 60384-14) • Rated Voltage: 440 VAC 50/60 Hz (ENEC), 480VAC 50/60 Hz (UL, cUL) • Capacitance range: 0.1 – 2.2 µF • Lead spacing: 22.5 – 37.5 mm • Capacitance tolerance: ±20%, ±10% • Climatic category 40/105/56/B, IEC 60068-1 • Tape and reel in accordance with IEC 60286-2 • RoHS Compliant and lead-free terminations • Operating temperature range of -40˚C to +105˚C • 100% screening factory test at 3,000 VDC • Self-healing properties Click image above for interactive 3D content Open PDF in Adobe Reader for full functionality Legacy Part Number System PHE844 R D 6100 M R06L2 Series Rated Voltage (VAC) Lead Spacing (mm) Capacitance Code (pF) Capacitance Tolerance Packaging X1, Metallized Polypropylene R = 440 D = 22.5 F = 27.5 R = 37.5 The last three digits represent significant figures. The first digit specifies the total number of digits. K = ±10% M = ±20% See Ordering Options Table New KEMET Part Number System F 844 D H 104 M 440 C Capacitor Class Series Lead Spacing (mm) Size Code Capacitance Code (pF) Capacitance Tolerance Rated Voltage (VAC) Packaging D = 22.5 F = 27.5 R = 37.5 See Dimension Table First two digits represent significant figures. Third digit specifies number of zeros. F = Film X1, Metallized Polypropylene K = ±10% M = ±20% 440 = 440 See Ordering Options Table One world. One KEMET © KEMET Electronics Corporation • P.O. Box 5928 • Greenville, SC 29606 • 864-963-6300 • F3108_PHE844_X1_440-480 • 9/23/2016 1 PDF
Документация на PHE844RR7100MR06L2 

Дата модификации: 18.10.2018

Размер: 1.52 Мб

13 стр.

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