Конденсатор танталовый 16 В, 330 мкФ ±20%, корпус J BEND, -55...125 °C
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Номинальное напряжение
Номинальная ёмкость
Допуск ёмкости
Код корпуса
Рабочая температура
Ток утечки
Тангенс угла диэлектрических потерь
Эквивалентное последовательное сопротивление
Максимальный ток пульсаций
Размер 7.3×4.3×4 мм
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Напряжение Ёмкость Допуск Корпус T раб Ток утечки tanD ESR Пульсации Монтаж Особенности Карточка
P- T521X337M016ATE025 (KEM) 100 шт Конденсатор танталовый

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KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP®) – High Reliability T543 Up-Screen Commercial Polymer Electrolytic, 2.5 – 63 VDC Overview The KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP) is a solid electrolytic capacitor with a conductive polymer cathode capable of delivering very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequencies. KO-CAP combines the low ESR of multilayer ceramic, the high capacitance of aluminum electrolytic, and the volumetric efficiency of tantalum into a single surface mount package. Unlike liquid electrolyte-based capacitors, KO-CAP has a very long operational life and high ripple current capabilities. The T543 COTS Polymer Electrolytic capacitor is an upscreened version of the industrial T520 KO-CAP. The T543's upscreened option includes surge current testing of 10 cycles at +25°C and 10 cycles at -55°C/+85°C. In addition to 100% Tin (Sn) terminations, a tin-lead (SnPb) option is also available. The recommended application derating for these capacitors is 10 – 20%, rendering them suitable for application voltages from 2.25 to 50 VDC. Benefits • • • • • • • • • Extremely low ESR High frequency capacitance retention 100% accelerated steady state aging 100% surge current tested Tape & Reel standard packaging per EIA 481 Volumetrically efficienct Surge options at 25°C and −55°C/+85°C EIA standard case sizes Halogen-free epoxy and RoHS compliant Applications Typical applications include DC/DC converters, switch mode and point of load power supply, radar pulse capacitor, and telecommunications (mobile phone and base station). Other general applications include decoupling and filtering in applications requiring low ESR or a benign failure mode. When extreme temperatures and humidity are taken into account, polymer tantalum capacitors offer a number of advantages over other types of capacitors, when used in extreme environments. KEMET continues to investigate the behavior of polymer tantalum capacitors in extreme conditions. If you have questions about using these capacitors in a specific environment or application, we suggest you contact your local representative or field application engineer to discuss the specific details of your application (see “Considerations for Polymer Capacitors in Extreme Environments” located at www.kemet.com/ExtremePolymerPaper). Built Into Tomorrow © KEMET Electronics Corporation • KEMET Tower • One East Broward Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA • 954-766-2800 • www.kemet.com T2061_T543 • 10/14/2021 1 PDF
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