Конденсатор танталовый 60 В, 100 мкФ ±10%, корпус J BEND, -55...125 °C
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Ток утечки
Тангенс угла диэлектрических потерь
Эквивалентное последовательное сопротивление
Максимальный ток пульсаций
Размер 24.5×8.5×9.1 мм
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Tantalum Polymer Capacitors – Hermetically Sealed T551 Axial & T556 Surface Mount 125°C Overview The T551 axial leaded and T556 surface mount polymer hermetically sealed (PHS) devices are tantalum capacitors with a Ta anode and Ta2O5 dielectric. A conductive, organic polymer replaces the traditionally used MnO2 or wet electrolyte as the cathode plate of the capacitor. The result is very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequency and low temperature. The PHS device also exhibits a benign failure mode, which eliminates the case breach that can occur in wet tantalum capacitors. Additionally, the part may be operated at voltages up to 80% of rated voltage, with equivalent or better reliability than traditional MnO2 or wet tantalum capacitors operated at 50% of rated voltage. PHS capacitors molded also offer higher ripple current handling capability and a lower ESR range than wet tantalums. With reduced ESR and enhanced capacitance retention at higher frequencies and low temperatures, these parts provide the highest total capacitance and the most economical solution for high power applications, all within an approximately 25% lighter package than the equivalent wet tantalum capacitor. Benefits • Includes F-Tech anode, which eliminates hidden defects in the dielectric • 100% simulated breakdown screening • Maximum operating temperature of +125°C • Polymer cathode technology • ≤ 0.0075 CV (µA) at rated voltage after 5 minutes • Extremely low ESR • High frequency and low temperature capacitance retention • 100% constant voltage conditioning (240 hours) • 100% surge current tested • Volumetrically efficient • Use at up to 80% of rated voltage • Non-ignition failure mode • Approximately 25% lighter than equivalent wet tantalum • T551 case dimensions equivalent to MIL-PRF-39006/22/25/30/31 • T556 surface mount design (see dimensions diagram) One world. One KEMET © KEMET Electronics Corporation • KEMET Tower • One East Broward Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA • 954-766-2800 • www.kemet.com T2072_T551 • 3/31/2020 1 PDF
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