Предохранитель плавкий - Ток: 10 А; U DC: 32 В; Класс: Fast; Монтаж: 1206; Примечания: FUSE BOARD MOUNT 10A 32VDC 1206
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Технические характеристики

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Номинальный ток
Напряжение DC
Класс быстродействия
Тип монтажа
Отключающая способность AC
Особенности Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)
Размер ø3.2×0.835 мм
Примечания FUSE BOARD MOUNT 10A 32VDC 1206
Рабочая температура
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Ток U AC U DC Класс Монтаж I dist. AC I dist. DC Особенности Примечания T раб Одобрение Карточка
A- 0451010.MRL (LTL) в ленте 1000 шт Предохранитель плавкий - Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded) FUSE BRD MNT 10A 125VAC/VDC SMD
A- 0458010.DR (LTL) SMD120632X16MM в ленте 1500 шт Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded) FUSE BOARD MOUNT 10A 32VAC 63VDC
A- 3413.0328.22 (SCHURTER) SMD120632X16MM 1 шт
Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)
A- 0679H9100-01 (BELFUSE)
A- 0679H9100-05 (BELFUSE) 1 шт
A- 0679L9100-01 (BELFUSE) 1 шт
A- 0685P9100-01 (BELFUSE) 1 шт
A- 5HF-100H (HOLLY)
A- 25F-100H (HOLLY)

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Surface Mount Fuses Ceramic Fuse > 501 Series 501 Series – High Current 1206 Fast-Acting Fuse Description The 501 Series is a 100% Lead-free, RoHS compliant and Halogen-free fuse series designed specifically to provide over- current protection to circuits that operate under high working ambient temperature up to 150°C. The general design ensures excellent temperature stability and performance reliability. The high I2t values which is typical in the Littelfuse Ceramic Fuse family, ensure high inrush current withstand capability. Features • Operating Temperature from -55ºC to +150ºC • Designed to provide over-current protection in high current voltage regulator module (VRM) applications Agency Approvals Agency Agency File Number Ampere Range E10480 10A - 20A LR29862 10A - 20A Electrical Characteristics for Series Ampere Rating 100% 10A – 20A 4 Hours, Minimum 350% 10A – 20A 5 Seconds, Maximum Opening Time at 25ºC • Suitable for both leaded and lead-free reflow / wave soldering Applications • Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) Equipment % of Ampere Rating • 100% Lead-free, RoHS compliant and Halogenfree • Notebook PC • DC-DC Converter Additional Information Datasheet Resources Samples Electrical Specifications by Item Ampere Rating (A) Amp Code Max. Voltage Rating (V) Interrupting Rating (DC)1 Nominal Nominal Resistance Melting I2T (Ohms)2 (A2Sec.)3 Nominal Voltage Drop At Rated Current (V)4 Nominal Power Agency Approvals Dissipation At Rated Current (W) 10 010. 32 0.00427 10.385 0.05679 0.5679 x 12 012. 32 0.00321 20.341 0.04891 0.5870 x x 15 015. 32 0.00250 36.100 0.04605 0.6908 x x 20 020. 32 0.00200 54.760 0.05936 1.1871 x x 150 A @ 32 VDC x Notes: 1. DC Interrupting Rating tested at rated voltage with time constant < 0.5 msec. 2. Nominal Resistance measured with < 10% rated current. 3. Nominal Melting I2t measured at 1 msec. opening time. For other I2t data refer to chart. 4. Nominal Voltage Drop measured at rated current after temperature has stabilized and with fuse mounted on board with 3-oz Cu trace. © 2013 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/19/13 Devices designed to carry rated current for 4 hours minimum. It is recommended that devices be operated continuously at no more than 80% rated current. See “Temperature Rerating Curve”for additional rerating information. Devices designed to be mounted with marking code facing up. PDF
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