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Axial Lead Reed Switches Low Power > MDSR-10 MDSR-10 10.2mm Sub-miniature Reed Switch RoHS Description The MDSR-10 Reed Switch is a sub-miniature, normally open switch with a 10.16mm long x 1.80mm diameter (0.400” x 0.071”) glass envelope, capable of switching 200Vdc at 10W. It has high insulation resistance of 10¹² ohms minimum and low contact resistance of less than 120 milli-ohms. This reed switch is also available in a surface mount version, that is, MDSM-10. Features • Sub-miniature normally open switch • Capable of switching 200Vdc or 0.5A at up to 10W Agency Approvals Agency Agency File Number Ampere-Turns Range E47258 E471070 10-25 AT DEMKO 14 ATEX 1393U 10-25 AT Benefits • Hermetically sealed switch contacts are not affected by and have no effect on their external environment • Low space requirement Dimensions • 1012 Ohms insulation resistance • Available sensitivity range 10-25 AT • Zero operating power required for contact • Excellent for switching microcontroller logic level loads Applications Dimensions in mm (inch) 20.19 (.795) REF. CL OF OVERLAP 1.80 (.071) MAX. 0.43 (.017) DIA. REF. • Reed Relays (particularly suited to ATE type applications) • Security Systems • Limit Switching • Office Equipments Switch Type 14.39 (.595) MIN. 10.16 (.400) MAX. 40.38 (1.590) NOM. Contact Form A (SPST-NO) Materials Body: Glass Leads: Tin-plated Ni-Fe wire Note: SPST-NO = Single-pole, single-throw, normally open Electrical Ratings Contact Rating W/VA - max. 10 Vdc - max. Vac - max. Vdc - min. 200 140 250 Carry Adc - max. Aac - max. Adc - max. 0.50 0.35 1.00 Resistance Contact, Initial Insulation Ω - max. Ω - min. 0.120 1012 Capacitance Contact pF - typ. 0.2 Temperature Operating Storage 5 °C °C -40 to +125 -65 to +125 Voltage Current 1 3 Switching 2 Breakdown 3 Switching 4 2 Notes: 1. Contact rating - Product of the switching voltage and current should never exceed the wattage rating. Contact Littelfuse for additional load/life information. 2. When switching inductive and/or capacitive loads, the effects of transient voltages and/or currents should be considered. Refer to Application Notes AN108A and AN107 for details. 3. Electrical Load Life Expectancy - Contact Littelfuse with voltage, current values along with type of load. 4. Breakdown Voltage - per MIL-STD-202, Method 301. 5. Storage Temperature - Long time exposure at elevated temperature may degrade solderability of the leads. © 2015 Littelfuse Specifications are subject to change without notice. PDF
Документация на MDSR-10-15-20 

Дата модификации: 03.09.2015

Размер: 500.7 Кб

2 стр.

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    13 сентября 2017

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