IBUTTON PROBE WITH LED, M18X1NUT; Voltage, Supply Min:2.7V; Case Style:iButton; Pins, No. of:4; Base Number:9092; Channels, No. of:1; Current, Supply:20mA
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19-4867; 8/09 DS9092 iButton Probe www.maxim-ic.com FEATURES          Simple, low-cost metal stampings form a read/write probe for the iButton family Probe guides the entry of the iButton iButton slides over the surface to self-clean contacts Accessible shallow probe cavity simplifies removal of debris such as mud Flexible design supports panel mount or hand-grip mount with optional tactile feedback Bright tarnish-resistant metal surface provides millions of operations Panel-mount probe, pre-wired for easy installation Hand-grip probe mates to RJ-11 jack for quick installation DS9092 probes both F3 and F5 cans. Extra consideration is required for operation with the F3 can. The attachment method of the F3 can must not interfere with the cavity dimensions of the probe, otherwise the data signal will not make contact. PACKAGE DESCRIPTION ORDERING INFORMATION DS9092+ DS9092T# DS9092GT# Panel-mount probe, solid face Panel-mount probe with tactile feedback Hand-grip mount with tactile feedback +Denotes a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS-compliant product. # Denotes an RoHS-compliant device that may include lead(Pb) that is exempt under the RoHS requirements. DESCRIPTION The DS9092 iButton Probe provides the electrical contact necessary for the transfer of data to and from the DS19xx family of iButtons. The round probe shape provides a self-aligning interface that readily matches the circular rim of the iButton’s MicroCan package. Metal contacts resist wear and are easy to keep clean. The DS9092 is available with a flat faceplate (standard) or with optional tactile feedback. The center contact of the standard reader has no moving parts, making this a more rugged interface for harsh iButton is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. 1 of 3 PDF
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