EEPROM память с I2C интерфейсом, объёмом 256 кбит, в корпусе uSOP-8 . Напряжение питания: 2.5...5.5 В . Рабочая температура: -40...85 °C .
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Корпус uSOP-8 MSOP8
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Тип Подтип Интерфейс Объём Организация Напряжение Особенности T раб Время доступа Карточка
A- AT24C256C-XHL-B (MCRCH) TSSOP-8 в линейках 100 шт IC EEPROM 256KBIT 1MHZ 8TSSOP
A- CAT24C256XE-T2 (ONS) SO-8 SOIC8 1 шт EEPROM память с I2C интерфейсом объёмом 256 кбит в корпусе SOIC-8-3.9
A- CAT24C256WI-GT3 (ONS) SO-8 SOIC8 в ленте 3000 шт IC EEPROM 256KBIT 400KHZ 8SOIC

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24AA256/24LC256/24FC256 256K I2C™ CMOS Serial EEPROM Device Selection Table Part Number VCC Range Max. Clock Frequency Temp. Ranges 24AA256 1.7-5.5V 400 kHz(1) I, E 24LC256 2.5-5.5V 400 kHz I, E 24FC256 1.7-5.5V 1 MHz(2) • Temperature Ranges: - Industrial (I): - Automotive (E): I Description: The Microchip Technology Inc. 24AA256/24LC256/ 24FC256 (24XX256*) is a 32K x 8 (256 Kbit) Serial Electrically Erasable PROM, capable of operation across a broad voltage range (1.7V to 5.5V). It has been developed for advanced, low-power applications such as personal communications or data acquisition. This device also has a page write capability of up to 64 bytes of data. This device is capable of both random and sequential reads up to the 256K boundary. Functional address lines allow up to eight devices on the same bus, for up to 2 Mbit address space. This device is available in the standard 8-pin plastic DIP, SOIC, SOIJ, TSSOP, MSOP, DFN and TDFN packages. The 24AA256 is also available in the 8-lead Chip Scale package. 100 kHz for VCC < 2.5V. 400 kHz for VCC < 2.5V. Note 1: 2: -40C to +85C -40C to +125C Features: • Single Supply with Operation Down to 1.7V for 24AA256 and 24FC256 Devices, 2.5V for 24LC256 Devices • Low-Power CMOS Technology: - Read current: 400 uA max. at 5.5V, 400 kHz - Standby current: 1 uA max. at 3.6V, I-temp • 2-Wire Serial Interface, I2C™ Compatible • Cascadable up to Eight Devices • Schmitt Trigger Inputs for Noise Suppression • Output Slope Control to Eliminate Ground Bounce • 100 kHz and 400 kHz Clock Compatibility • Page Write Time 5 ms Max. • Self-Timed Erase/Write Cycle • 64-Byte Page Write Buffer • Hardware Write-Protect • ESD Protection >4000V • More than One Million Erase/Write Cycles • Data Retention >200 years • Factory Programming Available • Packages Include 8-lead PDIP, SOIC, SOIJ, DFN, TDFN, TSSOP and MSOP • RoHS Compliant Block Diagram A0 A1A2 WP I/O Control Logic Memory Control Logic HV Generator EEPROM Array XDEC Page Latches I/O SCL YDEC SDA VCC Sense Amp. R/W Control VSS Package Types TSSOP/MSOP(1) PDIP/SOIC/SOIJ A2 3 VSS 4 7 A0 1 8 VCC A0 1 WP A1 2 7 WP A1 2 6 SCL A2 3 6 SCL A2 3 5 SDA VSS 4 5 SDA VSS 4 CS (Chip Scale)(2) VCC A1 A0 8 VCC 24XX256 2 VCC 24XX256 A1 8 1 24XX256 A0 DFN/TDFN 7 WP 6 SCL 5 SDA 1 2 4 WP 6 3 5 7 A2 8 SDA SCL VSS (TOP DOWN VIEW, BALLS NOT VISIBLE) Note 1: * Pins A0 and A1 are no connects for the MSOP package only. Note 2: Available in I-temp, “AA” only. *24XX256 is used in this document as a generic part number for the 24AA256/24LC256/24FC256 devices.  1998-2013 Microchip Technology Inc. DS20001203U-page 1 PDF
Документация на 24LC256T-I/SN 

24AA256/LC/FC Data Sheet

Дата модификации: 25.11.2013

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