PIC18F57Q43 Curiosity Nano PIC18F57Q43 Curiosity Nano Hardware User Guide Preface The PIC18F57Q43 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit is a hardware platform to evaluate microcontrollers in the PIC18Q43 family. This board has the PIC18F57Q43 microcontroller (MCU) mounted. Supported by Microchip MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the board provides easy access to the features of the PIC...
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PIC18F27/47/57Q43 28/40/44/48-Pin, Low-Power, High-Performance Microcontroller with XLP Technology Introduction The PIC18-Q43 microcontroller family is available in 28/40/44/48-pin devices for real-time control applications. This family features a 12-bit ADC with Computation (ADCC) automating Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) techniques for advanced capacitive touch sensing, averaging, filtering, oversampling and threshold comparison. This family showcases a new 16-bit PWM module which provides dual independent outputs on the same time base. Additional features include vectored interrupt controller with fixed latency for handling interrupts, system bus arbiter, Direct Memory Access (DMA) capabilities, UART with support for asynchronous, DMX, DALI and LIN protocols, SPI, I2C, memory features like Memory Access Partition (MAP) to support users in data protection and bootloader applications, and Device Information Area (DIA), which stores factory calibration values to help improve temperature sensor accuracy. PIC18-Q43 Family Types Data SRAM (bytes) Data EEPROM (bytes) Memory Access Partition/ Device Information Area I/O Pins/ Peripheral Pin Select 8-Bit Timer with HLT/ 16-Bit Timers 16-Bit Dual PWM/ CCP Complimentary Waveform Generator Signal Measurement Timer Numerically Controlled Oscillator Configurable Logic Cell 12-Bit ADCC (channels) 8-Bit DAC Comparator/ Zero-Cross Detect High-Low Voltage Detect SPI/I2C UART/ UART with Protocol Support Direct Memory Access (DMA) Windowed Watchdog Timer 16-Bit CRC with Scanner Vectored Interrupts Peripheral Module Disable Temperature Indicator PIC18F27Q43 128k 8192 1024 Y/Y 25/Y 3/4 3/3 3 1 3 8 24 1 2/1 1 2/1 4/1 6 Y Y Y Y Y PIC18F47Q43 128k 8192 1024 Y/Y 36/Y 3/4 3/3 3 1 3 8 35 1 2/1 1 2/1 4/1 6 Y Y Y Y Y PIC18F57Q43 128k 8192 1024 Y/Y 44/Y 3/4 3/3 3 1 3 8 43 1 2/1 1 2/1 4/1 6 Y Y Y Y Y Device Program Memory Flash (bytes) Table 1. Devices included in this data sheet © 2020 Microchip Technology Inc. Preliminary Datasheet DS40002147C-page 1 PDF
Документация на серию PIC18F27/47/57Q43 

PIC18F27/47/57Q43 (KV006) Data Sheet

Дата модификации: 11.02.2020

Размер: 11.45 Мб

957 стр.

8-bit Microcontrollers PIC18-Q43 Product Family Optimized Performance and Versatility for Hardware Customization Summary The PIC18-Q43 product family combines Microchip’s most popular, versatile and easy to use Core Independent Peripherals with advanced interconnection capabilities for effortless hardware customization. The MCUs are equipped with Direct Memory Access (DMA), Configurable Logic Cells (CLC), 16-bit PWMs, 12-bit ADC with Computation (ADCC) and multiple communication interfaces. This combination simplifies the creation of hardware-based functions, improves system response and reduces external components and code development time. They are well suited for a wide range of real-time control applications including industrial control, consumer, lighting, automotive, motor control, capacitive touch sensing and Internet of Things (IoT). Reliable and Deterministic Response The PIC18-Q43 family of MCUs feature Core Independent Peripherals that provide you with the ability to accomplish tasks in hardware while freeing up the CPU to do other tasks or go to sleep to save power. The hardware-based peripherals offload timing-critical and core-intensive functions from the CPU, allowing it to focus on more complex tasks within the system. This decreases system complexity by eliminating additional code and external components, reduces power consumption, allowing for deterministic response time and decreased validation time. Improved System Performance The PIC18-Q43 family is equipped with six Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controllers for data transfers between all memory spaces and peripherals independent of the CPU, thereby enhancing system performance and improving power consumption. Intelligent Analog The MCUs offer intelligent analog peripherals including Zero Cross Detect (ZCD), on-chip comparator, 8-bit buffered DAC and a 12-bit ADC with Computation (ADCC) automating Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) techniques for advanced touch sensing, averaging, filtering, oversampling and automatic threshold comparison. Hardware Customization The PIC18-Q43 provides eight Configurable Logic Cells (CLC) which is a user-configurable peripheral for creating custom hardware-based logic functions. The CLC peripheral lets the user specify combinations of signals as inputs to a logic function and internally connects peripherals such as timers, PWMs, serial ports and I/O pins for hardware customization with unprecedented ease. The CLC enables a higher level of integration without any external components, thus reducing PCB footprint and system costs. Flexibility The integrated 16-bit PWMs delivers advanced capabilities beyond those found on standard PWM modules. These innovative features allow the user to easily vary phase, duty cycle and offset event count with greater precision. The high resolution PWMs offer dual independent outputs on the same time base which helps simplify drive control and offers the flexibility to be used in many applications. Additionally, PIC18-Q43 has improved and flexible serial communications, including UART with support for Asynchronous, DMX, DALI and LIN protocols along with higher-speed, standalone I2C and SPI serial communication interfaces. PDF
Документация на семейство PIC18F-Q43 

Дата модификации: 20.01.2020

Размер: 497.3 Кб

2 стр.

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    06 октября

    PIC18F-Q43 – новая серия микроконтроллеров c широким набором периферии

    Увидела свет новая серия 8–битных контроллеров бренда Microchip. Семейство Q43 принадлежит к линейке высокопроизводительных устройств на базе ядра PIC. Новая серия сочетает в себе наиболее популярную и универсальную периферию и может с... ...читать

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