Интегральная микросхема двухканального компаратора, Push-Pull, Rail-to-Rail выходом, напряжением питания 1.6...5.5 В , в корпусе SO8150, производства Microchip (MCRCH)
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Корпус SO8150
Кол-во компараторов в корпусе
Тип выхода
Совместимость с логикой
Диапазон напряжений питания
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Каналов Выход Совместимость U пит Iпотр Задержка T раб Примечание Карточка
P= MCP6542T-I/SN (MCRCH) SO8150 в ленте 3300 шт интегральная микросхема 
2[1: одноканального, 2: двухканального, 4: четырёхканального, ... IC COMP PUSHPULL 1.6V DUAL 8SOIC

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MCP6541/1R/1U/2/3/4 Push-Pull Output Sub-Microamp Comparators Features Description • • • • • • • • • • • The Microchip Technology Inc. MCP6541/2/3/4 family of comparators is offered in single (MCP6541, MCP6541R, MCP6541U), single with Chip Select (CS) (MCP6543), dual (MCP6542) and quad (MCP6544) configurations. The outputs are push-pull (CMOS/TTLcompatible) and are capable of driving heavy DC or capacitive loads. Low Quiescent Current: 600 nA/comparator (typ.) Rail-to-Rail Input: VSS - 0.3V to VDD + 0.3V CMOS/TTL-Compatible Output Propagation Delay: 4 µs (typ., 100 mV Overdrive) Wide Supply Voltage Range: 1.6V to 5.5V Available in Single, Dual and Quad Single available in SOT-23-5, SC-70-5 * packages Chip Select (CS) with MCP6543 Low Switching Current Internal Hysteresis: 3.3 mV (typ.) Temperature Ranges: - Industrial: -40°C to +85°C - Extended: -40°C to +125°C Typical Applications • • • • • • • • Laptop Computers Mobile Phones Metering Systems Hand-held Electronics RC Timers Alarm and Monitoring Circuits Windowed Comparators Multi-vibrators These comparators are optimized for low power, singlesupply operation with greater than rail-to-rail input operation. The push-pull output of the MCP6541/1R/1U/2/3/4 family supports rail-to-rail output swing and interfaces with TTL/CMOS logic. The internal input hysteresis eliminates output switching due to internal input noise voltage, reducing current draw. The output limits supply current surges and dynamic power consumption while switching. This product family operates with a single-supply voltage as low as 1.6V and draws less than 1 µA/comparator of quiescent current. The related MCP6546/7/8/9 family of comparators from Microchip has an open-drain output. Used with a pull-up resistor, these devices can be used as level-shifters for any desired voltage up to 10V and in wired-OR logic. * SC-70-5 E-Temp parts not available at this release of the data sheet. MCP6541U SOT-23-5 is E-Temp only. Related Devices • Open-Drain Output: MCP6546/7/8/9 Package Types MCP6541 PDIP, SOIC, MSOP NC VDD OUT NC OUT 1 VDD 2 VIN+ 3 MCP6541 SOT-23-5, SC-70-5 5 VDD - + OUT 1 VSS 2 VIN+ 3 4 VIN– OUTA VINA– V INA+ 4 VIN– VSS MCP6541U SOT-23-5 VIN– 1 VSS 2 VIN+ 3 © 2006 Microchip Technology Inc. MCP6542 PDIP, SOIC, MSOP 5 VSS + - 8 7 6 5 + - 1 2 3 4 + NC VIN– VIN+ VSS MCP6541R SOT-23-5 5 VDD 4 OUT 1 2 3 4 -+ 8 7 +- 6 5 VDD OUTA OUTB VINA– VINB– VINA+ VDD VINB+ MCP6543 PDIP, SOIC, MSOP NC VIN– VIN+ VSS 1 2 3 4 + 8 7 6 5 MCP6544 PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP CS VDD 1 2 -+ +3 4 14 OUTD 13 VIND– 12 VIND+ 11 VSS 10 VINC+ VINB+ 5 VINB– 6 - + + - 9 VINC– OUTB 7 8 OUTC OUT NC DS21696E-page 1 PDF
Документация на MCP6542-I/SN 


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