ИМС токового монитора, в корпусе QFN-16 (VQFN16), производства Microchip (MCRCH)
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Корпус QFN-16 VQFN16
Диапазон допустимых напряжений смещения относительно общего провода
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PAC195X Single/Multi-Channel Power Monitor with Accumulator, 32V Full-Scale Range Features Applications • High-Side/Low-Side Current Monitor with One, Two, Three or Four Channels: - 100 mV Full-Scale Range (FSR) for current sense voltage - Programmable FSR: -50 mv to +50 mv - 16-bit resolution for current measurements - External sense resistor sets the full-scale current range - Very low input current simplifies routing • Voltage Monitor with Wide VBUS Range - 0V to 32V FSR - 16V programmable VBUS option - 16-bit resolution for voltage measurements • VSOURCE Can Be Applied before VDD Is Applied • Real-Time Auto-Calibration of Offset Error for Voltage and Current • 1% Power Measurement Accuracy over a Wide Dynamic Range • On-Chip Accumulation of 30-bit Power Results for Energy Measurement - User programmable sampling rates of 8, 64, 256 and 1024 SPS - 5120 SPS for a single channel in Burst mode • 2.7V to 5.5V Supply Operation - 1.62-5.5V capable I2C/SMBus and digital I/O - SMBus 3.1 and I2C Fast Mode Plus, 1 Mbps - High-Speed mode (3.4 Mbps) • SMBus Address – 16 Options, Set with Resistor • ALERT Features that Can Be Enabled: - ALERT on conversion complete - ALERT on Over/Undervoltage and Current or Overpower conditions • Coulomb Counting: When Selected, the Accumulator Accumulates VSENSE Values. • 8X Averaging Mode for Single-Shot Measurements to Reduce Noise and Offset • Two Independent ALERT/GPIO pins • Available Packages - 3 x 3 mm 16-Lead VQFN with wettable flanks - 2.225 x 2.17 mm 16-Lead WLCSP • • • • • • • • •  2021 Microchip Technology Inc. Embedded Computing Networking FPGA Systems Low-Voltage/High-Power – AI, GPU Industrial Linux® Applications Notebook and Tablet Computing Cloud, Linux and Server Computing Optical Networking Modules Computing Platform Support • • • • Windows® 10 Driver Linux Driver Python™ Script MCC Library Description The PAC195X products are one, two, three and four-channel energy monitors, with bus voltage monitors and current sense amplifiers that feed high-resolution ADCs. There are two versions of the PAC195X: the PAC195X-1 devices are for high-side current sensing and the PAC195X-2 devices are for low-side current sensing or floating VBUS applications. Digital circuitry performs power calculations and energy accumulation. This enables energy monitoring with integration periods up to one year or longer. Bus voltage, sense resistor voltage and accumulated proportional power are stored in registers for retrieval by the system host or embedded controller. The PAC195X devices have a set of digital comparators that allow the user to detect over/undervoltage, over/undercurrent and overpower against user programmed limits for each channel and generate an ALERT when the threshold is exceeded. The sampling rate and energy integration period can be controlled over SMBus or I2C. Active channel selection, single-shot measurements and other controls are also configurable by the SMBus or I2C. The PAC195X device family uses real-time calibration to minimize the offset error. No input filters are required for this device. DS20006539A-page 1 PDF
Документация на семейство PAC195X 

PAC195X - Single/Multi-Channel Power Monitor Data Sheet

Дата модификации: 08.06.2021

Размер: 1.11 Мб

95 стр.

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    16 ноября

    Новые мониторы питания Microchip позволяют более гибко реагировать на события в системах энергоснабжения

    Компания Microchip расширила семейство прецизионных многоканальных мониторов питания с двумя АЦП, дополнив их двумя новыми линейками с увеличенным количеством тревожных линий. По сравнению с существующей линейкой PAC193x, содержащей всего одну... ...читать

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