64G Enterprise Ethernet Switch (SparX-5-64), FCBGA888
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Примечания 10Gbit L2/L3 Enterprise Switch, x64 Ports, Total bandwidth 64Gbps
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SparX-5 SparX-5 Family of L2/L3 Enterprise 10G Ethernet Switches Introduction The SparX-5 Enterprise Ethernet switch family provides a rich set of Enterprise switching features such as advanced TCAM-based VLAN and QoS processing enabling delivery of differentiated services, and security through TCAMbased frame processing using versatile content aware processor (VCAP). IPv4/IPv6 Layer 3 (L3) unicast and multicast routing is supported with up to 18K IPv4/9K IPv6 unicast LPM entries and up to 9K IPv4/3K IPv6 (S,G) multicast groups. L3 security features include source guard and reverse path forwarding (uRPF) tasks. Additional L3 features include VRF-Lite and IP tunnels (IP over GRE/IP). The SparX-5 switch family features a highly flexible set of Ethernet ports with support for 10G aggregation links, QSGMII, USGMII, and USXGMII. ® ® The device integrates a powerful 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex -A53 CPU enabling full management of the switch and advanced Enterprise applications. The SparX-5 switch family targets managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 equipment in SMB, SME, and Enterprise where high port count 1G/2.5G/5G/10G switching with 10G aggregation links is required. The SparX-5 switch family consists of following SKUs. VSC7546 SparX-5-64 supports up to 64 Gbps of bandwidth with the following primary port configurations. • • • 6 ×10G 16 × 2.5G + 2 × 10G 24 × 1G + 4 × 10G VSC7549 SparX-5-90 supports up to 90 Gbps of bandwidth with the following primary port configurations. • • • 9 × 10G 16 × 2.5G + 4 × 10G 48 × 1G + 4 × 10G In addition, the device supports one 10/100/1000/2500/5000 Mbps SGMII/SerDes node processor interface (NPI) Ethernet port. Features This section lists the key device features and benefits. • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Forwarding ® – IEEE 802.1Q switch with 4K VLANs and 32K MAC table entries – Push/pop/translate up to three VLAN tags on ingress and egress – RSTP and MSTP support – Fully nonblocking wire-speed switching performance for all frame sizes – Link aggregation and DRNI per IEEE 802.1AX – External bridge port extender role per IEEE 802.1BR – IPv4/IPv6 unicast and multicast Layer 2 switching with up to 32K groups and 2K port masks – IPv4/IPv6 unicast and multicast Layer 3 forwarding (routing) with reverse path forwarding (RPF) support – IGMPv2, IGMPv3, MLDv1, and MLDv2 support © 2021 Microchip Technology Inc. Datasheet DS00003822B-page 1 PDF
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SparX-5 Family of L2/L3 Enterprise 10G Ethernet Switches

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    SparX-5 – новая линейка корпоративных и индустриальных 25G Ethernet-коммутаторов от Microchip

    Компания Microchip выпустила новую линейку промышленных и корпоративных Ethernet–коммутаторов SparX–5. SparX–5 − это полностью управляемые L2/L3 Ethernet–коммутаторы с общей пропускной способностью от 64 до 200 Gbps,... ...читать

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