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SPDT RF SWITCH 50W DC-3000 MHz Absorptive RF Switch with internal driver. Single Supply Voltage , +3V Product Features • Very Low Insertion loss over entire frequency range • Super High Isolation over entire frequency range • High Input IP3, +55 dBm typ. • Single positive supply voltage, +3V • Very low DC current consumption, 8µA • Immune to latch up • Unique design-simultaneous switch off of RF1&RF2 HSWA2-30DR+ CASE STYLE: DG983-1 Typical Applications +RoHS Compliant • Base Station Infrastructure • Portable Wireless • CATV & DBS • MMDS & Wireless LAN RF • Band switch • Diplexer switches COMMON • Bypass switches The +Suffix identifies RoHS Compliance. See our web site for RoHS Compliance methodologies and qualifications RF1 50Ω SW2 SW3 SW4 SW1 50Ω RF2 General Description 50Ω CONTROL The HSWA2-30DR+ is a 50Ω high isolation SPDT RF switch designed for wireless applications, covering DRIVER a broad frequency range from DC up to 3GHz with low insertion loss. The HSWA2-30DR+ operates on a single supply voltage +3V. See application note AN-80-006 for +5V supply voltage. This unit includes an internal CMOS control driver with two-pins control. The switchControl consumes very low 1 Control 2 supply current, 8 µA typ. The HSWA2-30DR+ switch is in a very small size and low profile package, 4x4mm and 0.9mm respectively. Functional Diagram RF COMMON 50Ω RF1 RF2 50Ω CONTROL 1 CONTROL 2 50Ω Internal Control Driver Notes A. Performance and quality attributes and conditions not expressly stated in this specification document are intended to be excluded and do not form a part of this specification document. B. Electrical specifications and performance data contained in this specification document are based on Mini-Circuit’s applicable established test performance criteria and measurement instructions. C. The parts covered by this specification document are subject to Mini-Circuits standard limited warranty and terms and conditions (collectively, “Standard Terms”); Purchasers of this part are entitled to the rights and benefits contained therein. For a full statement of the Standard Terms and the exclusive rights and remedies thereunder, please visit Mini-Circuits’ website at www.minicircuits.com/MCLStore/terms.jsp Mini-Circuits ® www.minicircuits.com P.O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235-0003 (718) 934-4500 sales@minicircuits.com Rev. J M151108 HSWA2-30DR+ 161213 Page 1 of 11 PDF
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