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Примечания Chip Inductor (Chip Coil) for Choke Large Current Type
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Inductors(coils)/Microchip Transformer > Chip Inductor (Chip Coil) > for Choke Large Current Type Data Sheet Chip Inductor (Chip Coil) 1 for Choke Large Current Type LQH66S Series (2525 Size) ■ Dimensions ■ Packaging 6.3±0.3 4.7±0.3 6.3±0.3 Code Packaging Minimum Quantity L 180mm Embossed Tape 350 K 330mm Embossed Tape 1500 6.3±0.3 EIA Code:2525 1.3 min. 1.7 min. 1.3 min. (in mm) ■ Rated Value (p: packaging code) Part Number Inductance Test Frequency Rated Current DC Resistance Self Resonance Frequency (min.) Class of Magnetic Shield LQH66SNR27M03p 0.27µH±20% 1MHz 6000mA 0.0098ohm 0.007ohm±40% 300MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SNR68M03p 0.68µH±20% 1MHz 5300mA 0.014ohm 0.010ohm±40% 180MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN1R0M03p 1.0µH±20% 1MHz 4700mA 0.0182ohm 0.013ohm±40% 150MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN1R5M03p 1.5µH±20% 1MHz 3800mA 0.0224ohm 0.016ohm±40% 110MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN2R2M03p 2.2µH±20% 1MHz 3300mA 0.0266ohm 0.019ohm±40% 80MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN3R3M03p 3.3µH±20% 1MHz 2600mA 0.0308ohm 0.022ohm±40% 40MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN4R7M03p 4.7µH±20% 1MHz 2200mA 0.035ohm 0.025ohm±40% 30MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN6R8M03p 6.8µH±20% 1MHz 1800mA 0.0406ohm 0.029ohm±40% 25MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN100M03p 10µH±20% 1MHz 1600mA 0.0504ohm 0.036ohm±40% 20MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN150M03p 15µH±20% 1MHz 1300mA 0.0966ohm 0.069ohm±40% 17MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN220M03p 22µH±20% 1MHz 1100mA 0.1218ohm 0.087ohm±40% 15MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN330M03p 33µH±20% 1MHz 860mA 0.196ohm 0.14ohm±40% 12MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN470M03p 47µH±20% 1MHz 760mA 0.238ohm 0.17ohm±40% 10MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN680M03p 68µH±20% 1MHz 600mA 0.406ohm 0.29ohm±40% 7.6MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN101M03p 100µH±20% 100kHz 520mA 0.504ohm 0.36ohm±40% 6.5MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN151M03p 150µH±20% 100kHz 420mA 0.882ohm 0.63ohm±40% 5.0MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN221M03p 220µH±20% 100kHz 350mA 1.106ohm 0.79ohm±40% 4.0MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN331M03p 330µH±20% 100kHz 280mA 2.52ohm 1.8ohm±40% 3.2MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN471M03p 470µH±20% 100kHz 240mA 3.08ohm 2.2ohm±40% 2.5MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN681M03p 680µH±20% 100kHz 200mA 5.46ohm 3.9ohm±40% 2.0MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN102M03p 1000µH±20% 10kHz 160mA 6.86ohm 4.9ohm±40% 1.7MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN222M03p 2200µH±20% 10kHz 100mA 13.16ohm 9.4ohm±40% 1.2MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite LQH66SN472M03p 4700µH±20% 10kHz 70mA 27.3ohm 19.5ohm±40% 0.8MHz Magnetic shield of ferrite Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C Only for reflow soldering. Continued on the following page. o This data sheet is applied for CHIP INDUCTORS (CHIP COILS) used for General Electronics equipment for your design. ! Note: 1. This datasheet is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing co., ltd. Therefore, it’s specifications are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice. Please check with our sales representatives or product engineers before ordering. 2. This datasheet has only typical specifications because there is no space for detailed specifications. Therefore, please approve our product specifications or transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering. 2009.5.1 http://www.murata.com/ PDF
Документация на серию LQH66S 

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