AC-DC сетевой преобразователь - P вых: 360 Вт; Выход: заряд Pb/NiMh 12 В; U1: 13.6...14.4 В; I1: до 24.3 А; Стабилизация: напряжение; Вход: 110/220В ручной
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Выходная мощность (ном)
Напряжение 1 канала
Выходной ток 1 канала
Тип стабилизации
Конструктивное исполнение
Типы защиты КЗ, переполюсовка, перенапряжение, перегрев
Количество выходов
Тип управления выходом
Входное напряжение AC
Коэффициент мощности
Напряжение изоляции вход-выход
Напряжение изоляции вход-земля
Напряжение изоляции выход-земля
Размер 253×135×48.5 мм
Рабочая температура
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i P вых Выход U1 I1 Стабилизация Вход Конструктив Возможности Защита Выходов Управление IP U вх AC U вх DC Коэф. мощн. U изол вх-вых U изол вх-земля U изол вых-земля Применение КПД Шум T раб Карточка
A+ PB-360P-12 (MW) в коробках 6 шт Преобразователь напряжения AC-DC на шасси. 360Вт, Uвх=90-132/180-264В АC, выход 13.6...... КЗ, переполюсовка, перенапряжение, перегрев

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PB-360 360W Single Output Battery Charger series Features : 3 stage charging AC 115/230VAC selected by switch Built-in passive PFC function compliance to EN61000-3-2 Class A (option) Protection: Short circuit / Reverse polarity / Over voltage / Over temperature Charger for lead-acid batteries 2 color LED loading indicator Low cost, High reliability FAN on/off control(Depends on charging current) 3 years warranty (except for 48V) PB 360 P (P type only) 12 12:14.4V 24:28.8V 48:57.6V P:With Passive PFC N:Without Passive PFC SPECIFICATION MODEL PB-360 PB-360 -12 FLOAT CHARGE VOLTAGE 13.6V 27.2V 54.4V 26 ~ 28.8V 52 ~ 58.6V 40 ~ 125Ah 20 ~ 65Ah RECOMMENDED BATTERY BATTERY TYPE 80 ~ 240Ah 57.6V Open & Sealed Lead Acid OUTPUT CURRENT (Typ.) Note 6 24.3A PROTECTION -48 28.8V CAPACITY(AMP HOURS) Note 5 INPUT PB-360 14.4V VOLTAGE ADJUSTABLE RANGE 13 ~ 14.7V OUTPUT -24 BOOST CHARGE VOLTAGE 12.5A VOLTAGE RANGE 90 ~ 132VAC / 180 ~ 264VAC selected by switch FREQUENCY RANGE 47 ~ 63Hz POWER FACTOR (Typ.) >0.65 (with P type) at 230VAC EFFICIENCY (Typ.) 85% AC CURRENT (Typ.) INRUSH CURRENT (Typ.) 7A/115VAC 3.5A/230VAC COLD START 60A 6.25A 127 ~ 187VDC / 254 ~ 370VDC 86% 87% LEAKAGE CURRENT <3.5mA / 240VAC SHORT CIRCUIT O/P Built in fuse (FS100) to protect short circuit condition, shut down o/p voltage and can not re-power on REVERSE POLARITY By internal fuse OVER VOLTAGE OVER TEMPERATURE FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL (CN5) WORKING TEMP. 31 ~ 35V 16 ~ 18V Protection type : Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover Protection type : Automatically derate charge current until zero Open: Normal work -20 ~ +60 59 ~ 64V Short: Stop Charging (Refer to "Derating Curve") 20 ~ 90% RH non-condensing WORKING HUMIDITY ENVIRONMENT STORAGE TEMP., HUMIDITY -40 ~ +85 , 10 ~ 95% RH TEMP. COEFFICIENT 0.05%/ (0 ~ 45 VIBRATION 10 ~ 500Hz, 2G 10min./1cycle, 60min. each along X, Y, Z axes IEC60335-2-29 CB approved by TUV(except for 48V), UL60950-1 approved SAFETY STANDARDS SAFETY & WITHSTAND VOLTAGE ISOLATION RESISTANCE EMC (Note 4) EMC EMISSION EMC IMMUNITY OTHERS MTBF DIMENSION PACKING NOTE I/P-O/P:3KVAC I/P-FG:1.5KVAC O/P-FG:0.5KVAC I/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25 / 70% RH Compliance to EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B, EN61000-3-2,-3 (only P type) Compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN55024, light industry level, criteria A 115.8Khrs min. MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ) 253*135*48.5mm(L*W*H) 1.5Kg; 6pcs/10Kg/0.95CUFT 1. All parameters NOT specially mentioned are measured at 230VAC input, rated load and 25 of ambient temperature. 2. Ripple & noise are measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a 12" twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1uf & 47uf parallel capacitor. 3. Tolerance : includes set up tolerance, line regulation and load regulation. 4. The power supply is considered a component which will be installed into a final equipment. The final equipment must be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives. 5. This is Mean Well's suggested range. Please consult your battery manufacturer for their suggestions about maximum charging current limitation. 6. Maximum charging current will be in the range of 90~110% rated output current. File Name:PB-360-SPEC 2011-08-17 PDF
Документация на серию PB-360N 


Дата модификации: 18.08.2011

Размер: 288.8 Кб

2 стр.

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