24 bit Audio Processor for Portable Communication Devices, WLCSP package
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Корпус VFBGA35
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BelaSigna 300 Audio Processor for Portable Communication Devices Introduction BelaSigna® 300 is a DSP−based mixed−signal audio processing system that delivers superior audio clarity without compromising size or battery life. The processor is specifically designed for monaural portable communication devices requiring high performance audio processing capabilities and programming flexibility when form−factor and power consumption are key design constraints. The efficient dual−MAC 24−bit CFX DSP core, together with the HEAR configurable accelerator signal processing engine, high speed debugging interface, advanced algorithm security system, state−of− the−art analog front end, Class D output stage and much more, constitute an entire system on a single chip, which enables manufacturers to create a range of advanced and unique products. The system features a high level of instructional parallelism, providing highly efficient computing capability. It can simultaneously execute multiple advanced adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, and uses an asymmetric dual−core patented architecture to allow for more processing in fewer clock cycles, resulting in reduced power consumption. BelaSigna 300 is supported by a comprehensive suite of development tools, hands−on training, full technical support and a network of solution partners offering software and engineering services to help speed product design and shorten time to market. Key Features • Flexible DSP−based System: a complete DSP−based, mixed−signal • • • • • audio system consisting of the CFX core, a fully programmable, highly cycle−efficient, dual−Harvard architecture 24−bit DSP utilizing explicit parallelism; the HEAR configurable accelerator for optimized signal processing; and an efficient input/output controller (IOC) along with a full complement of peripherals and interfaces, which optimize the architecture for audio processing at extremely low power consumption Ultra−low−power: typically 1−5 mA Excellent Audio Fidelity: up to 110 dB input dynamic range, exceptionally low system noise and low group delay Miniature Form Factor: available in a miniature 3.63 mm x 2.68 mm x 0.92 mm (including solder balls) WLCSP package. In addition, BelaSigna 300 is also available in a bigger DFN package allowing easier assembly and PCB routing Multiple Audio Input Sources: four input channels from five input sources (depends on package selection) can be used simultaneously for multiple microphones or direct analog audio inputs Full Range of Configurable Interfaces: including a fast I2C−based interface for download, debug and general communication, a highly configurable PCM interface to stream data into and out of the device, a high−speed UART, an SPI port and 5 GPIOs © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2011 March, 2011 − Rev. 7 1 http://onsemi.com DFN−44 D SUFFIX CASE 506BU WLCSP−35 W SUFFIX CASE 567AG MARKING DIAGRAM BELASIGNA300 35−02−G XXXXYZZ BELASIGNA300 = Device Code 35 = Number of Balls 02 = Revision of Die G = Pb−Free XXXX = Date Code Y = Assembly Plant Identifier = (May be Two Characters) ZZ = Traceability Code ORDERING INFORMATION Device Package Shipping B300W35A102XYG WLCSP (Pb−Free) 2500 Units / Reel B300D44A102XXG DFN (Pb−Free) 2500 Units / Reel Publication Order Number: B300/D PDF
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B300 - BelaSigna 300 Audio Processor for Portable Communication Devices BelaSigna 300 is a DSP−based mixed−signal audio processing system that delivers superior audio clarity without compromising size or battery life. The processor is specifically de

Дата модификации: 04.03.2011

Размер: 479.3 Кб

31 стр.

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