SWITCH REG, STEP DOWN, 0.5A, 12V; Voltage Regulator Type:Step Down Switching Regulator; Voltage, Input Max:40V; Voltage, Output Max:12V; Current, Output Max:0.5A; Accuracy, Percentage:4%; Frequency:52kHz; Voltage, Supply Min:4.75V; Voltage, Supply Max:40V; Termination Type:Through Hole; Case Style:PDIP; Pins, No. of:8; Temperature, Operating Range:-40°C to +125°C; Temp, Op. Max:125°C; Temp, Op. Min:-40°C; Base Number:2574; Voltage, Input Min:7V; Voltage, Output:12V
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Корпус DIP8300
Тип преобразователя
Режим преобразования
Входное напряжение
Выходное напряжение
Максимальный выходной ток
Кол-во выходов
Частота преобразования
Максимальная скважность преобразования
Встроенные возможности INT_SWITCH, Current Limit, Thermal Shutdown
Примечание 0.5 A, 12 V, 52 kHz Buck PWM Switiching Regulator
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Тип Режим Uвх Uвых Iвых Выходов F преобр Iпотр nmax Опции Примечание T раб Карточка
P- LM2574N-12/NOPB (TI) DIP8300 в линейках 40 шт DC-DC преобразователь интегральный - Тип: Buck, Inverting; Режим: Voltage Mode; Рег.вых... Понижающий DC/DC со встроенным ключом Enable, Over Current Protection Switching Regulator, Voltage-mode, 0.5A, 52kHz Switching Freq-Max, PDIP8

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LM2574, NCV2574 0.5 A, Adjustable Output Voltage, Step−Down Switching Regulator The LM2574 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits ideally suited for easy and convenient design of a step−down switching regulator (buck converter). All circuits of this series are capable of driving a 0.5 A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3 V, 5.0 V, 12 V, 15 V, and an adjustable output version. These regulators were designed to minimize the number of external components to simplify the power supply design. Standard series of inductors optimized for use with the LM2574 are offered by several different inductor manufacturers. Since the LM2574 converter is a switch−mode power supply, its efficiency is significantly higher in comparison with popular three−terminal linear regulators, especially with higher input voltages. In most cases, the power dissipated by the LM2574 regulator is so low, that the copper traces on the printed circuit board are normally the only heatsink needed and no additional heatsinking is required. The LM2574 features include a guaranteed ±4% tolerance on output voltage within specified input voltages and output load conditions, and ±10% on the oscillator frequency (±2% over 0°C to +125°C). External shutdown is included, featuring 60 mA (typical) standby current. The output switch includes cycle−by−cycle current limiting, as well as thermal shutdown for full protection under fault conditions. Features • 3.3 V, 5.0 V, 12 V, 15 V, and Adjustable Output Versions • Adjustable Version Output Voltage Range, 1.23 to 37 V ±4% max • • • • • • • • • • over Line and Load Conditions Guaranteed 0.5 A Output Current Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.75 to 40 V Requires Only 4 External Components 52 kHz Fixed Frequency Internal Oscillator TTL Shutdown Capability, Low Power Standby Mode High Efficiency Uses Readily Available Standard Inductors Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit Protection NCV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Site and Control Changes Pb−Free Packages are Available* Applications • • • • • • http://onsemi.com SO−16 WB DW SUFFIX CASE 751G 16 1 PDIP−8 N SUFFIX CASE 626 8 1 PIN CONNECTIONS * * FB Sig Gnd ON/OFF Pwr Gnd * * 1 16 2 15 3 14 4 13 5 12 6 11 7 10 8 9 * * Output * Vin * * * (Top View) FB Sig Gnd ON/OFF Pwr Gnd 1 8 2 7 3 6 4 5 * Output * Vin (Top View) * No internal connection, but should be soldered to * PC board for best heat transfer. ORDERING INFORMATION Simple and High−Efficiency Step−Down (Buck) Regulators Efficient Pre−regulator for Linear Regulators On−Card Switching Regulators Positive to Negative Converters (Buck−Boost) Negative Step−Up Converters Power Supply for Battery Chargers See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 24 of this data sheet. DEVICE MARKING INFORMATION See general marking information in the device marking section on page 24 of this data sheet. *For additional information on our Pb−Free strategy and soldering details, please download the ON Semiconductor Soldering and Mounting Techniques Reference Manual, SOLDERRM/D. © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2006 August, 2006 − Rev. 8 1 Publication Order Number: LM2574/D PDF
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