Преобразователь логического уровня - [12-UQFN (2.0x1.7)]; Линий: 4; Каналов: 4; В канале: 1; Вход: Logic; Выход: Logic; Особенности: Z-состояние
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Корпус QFN-12
Количество линий
Количество каналов
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NLSV4T240 4-Bit Dual-Supply Inverting Level Translator The NLSV4T240 is a 4−bit configurable dual−supply voltage level translator. The input An and output Bn ports are designed to track two different power supply rails, VCCA and VCCB respectively. Both supply rails are configurable from 0.9 V to 4.5 V allowing universal low−voltage translation from the input An to the output Bn port. MARKING DIAGRAM Features • • • • • • • • • Wide VCCA and VCCB Operating Range: 0.9 V to 4.5 V High−Speed w/ Balanced Propagation Delay Inputs and Outputs have OVT Protection to 4.5 V Non−preferential VCCA and VCCB Sequencing Outputs at 3−State until Active VCC is Reached Power−Off Protection Outputs Switch to 3−State with VCCB at GND Ultra−Small Packaging: 1.7 mm x 2.0 mm UQFN12 This is a Pb−Free Device 1 WB = Specific Device Code M = Date Code G = Pb−Free Package (Note: Microdot may be in either location) PIN ASSIGNMENT OE Typical Applications VCCA 1 • Mobile Phones, PDAs, Other Portable Devices A1 Important Information • ESD Protection for All Pins: HBM (Human Body Model) > 6000 V VCCA 11 VCCB 2 10 B1 A2 3 9 B2 A3 4 8 B3 A4 5 7 B4 VCCB A1 B1 A2 B2 B3 A4 B4 12 6 GND (Top View) ORDERING INFORMATION Device A3 WBMG G UQFN12 MU SUFFIX CASE 523AE NLSV4T240MUTAG Package Shipping† UQFN12 3000/Tape & Reel (Pb−Free) †For information on tape and reel specifications, including part orientation and tape sizes, please refer to our Tape and Reel Packaging Specification Brochure, BRD8011/D. OE Figure 1. Logic Diagram © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2012 February, 2012 − Rev. 2 1 Publication Order Number: NLSV4T240/D PDF
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NLSV4T240 - 4-Bit Dual Supply Inverting Level Translator The NLSV4T240 is a 4−bit configurable dual−supply voltage level

Дата модификации: 07.02.2012

Размер: 119.2 Кб

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