MOSFET транзистор
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Технические характеристики

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Корпус DFN-8 WDFN8
Конфигурация и полярность
Максимальное напряжение сток-исток
Ток стока номинальный при 25°C, без учета ограничений корпуса
Сопротивление открытого канала (мин)
Диапазон номинальных напряжений затвора
Заряд затвора
Рассеиваемая мощность
Ёмкость затвора
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Тип Uси Iс(25°C) RDS on Uзатв (ном) Uзатв(макс) Qзатв Pрасс Примечание Cзатв Особенности Карточка
A+ IRF6607TR1 (INFIN) DIRECTFETMT в ленте 1000 шт
HEXFET Power MOSFETs Discrete N-Channel
A+ IRFH5250DTRPBF (INFIN) PQFN8 в ленте 4000 шт
HEXFET Power MOSFETs Discrete N-Channel

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NTTFS4H05N MOSFET – Power, Single, N-Channel, m8-FL 25 V, 94 A Features • • • • Optimized Design to Minimize Conduction and Switching Losses Optimized Package to Minimize Parasitic Inductances Optimized material for improved thermal performance These Devices are Pb−Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant Applications • • • • High Performance DC-DC Converters System Voltage Rails Netcom, Telecom Servers & Point of Load MAX RDS(on) TYP QGTOT 4.5 V 4.8 mW 8.7 nC 10 V 3.3 mW 18.9 nC 1 S S S G 1 Symbol Value Units Drain-to-Source Voltage VDSS 25 V Gate-to-Source Voltage VGS ±20 V Continuous Drain Current RqJA (TA = 25°C, Note 1) ID 22.4 A Power Dissipation RqJA (TA = 25°C, Note 1) PD 2.66 W Continuous Drain Current RqJC (TC = 25°C, Note 1) ID 94 A Power Dissipation RqJC (TC = 25°C, Note 1) PD 46.3 W Pulsed Drain Current (tp = 10 ms) IDM 304 A Single Pulse Drain-to-Source Avalanche Energy (Note 1) (IL = 41 Apk, L = 0.1 mH) (Note 3) EAS 84 mJ Drain to Source dV/dt dV/dt 7 V/ns TJ(max) 150 °C Storage Temperature Range TSTG −55 to 150 °C Lead Temperature Soldering Reflow (SMD Styles Only), Pb-Free Versions (Note 2) TSLD 260 °C Maximum Junction Temperature VGS MARKING DIAGRAM MAXIMUM RATINGS (TJ = 25°C unless otherwise stated) Parameter WDFN8 (m8FL) CASE 511AB H05N A Y WW G H05N AYWWG G D D D D = Specific Device Code = Assembly Location = Year = Work Week = Pb−Free Package (Note: Microdot may be in either location) PIN CONNECTIONS m8−FL (3.3 x 3.3 mm) Stresses exceeding those listed in the Maximum Ratings table may damage the device. If any of these limits are exceeded, device functionality should not be assumed, damage may occur and reliability may be affected. 1. Values based on copper area of 645 mm2 (or 1 in2) of 2 oz copper thickness and FR4 PCB substrate. 2. For more information, please refer to our Soldering and Mounting Techniques Reference Manual, SOLDERRM/D. 3. This is the absolute maximum rating. Parts are 100% UIS tested at TJ = 25°C, VGS = 10 V, IL = 27 A, EAS = 36 mJ. (Top View) (Bottom View) N−CHANNEL MOSFET D (5−8) G (4) S (1,2,3) ORDERING INFORMATION See detailed ordering and shipping information on page 7 of this data sheet. © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2016 June, 2019 − Rev. 4 1 Publication Order Number: NTTFS4H05N/D PDF
Документация на NTTFS4H05NTAG 

MOSFET — Power, Single, N-Channel, μ8-FL 25 V, 94 A

Дата модификации: 09.11.2020

Размер: 206.8 Кб

9 стр.

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