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Описание плата для проверки возможностей преобразователей серии RPM-6
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Features Evaluation Module • Evaluation platform for RPM-6.0 buck regulator modules • Thermal design considerations included • EMI Class B filter • Easy evaluation of trimming, sequencing, soft start, enable and sensing functions Evaluation Module RPM-6.0-EVM-1 Description The RPM3.3-6.0-EVM-1 and RPM5.0-6.0-EVM-1 generate a constant output voltage with an output current up to 6A from an external DC Source. All the functions of the RPM3.3-6.0 and RPM5.0-6.0 like trimming, sequencing, soft-start, enable and sensing can be evaluated. Also the behavior in overload or over temperature can be evaluated easily before it is designed in. There are also evaluation modules with other output currents available. Selection Guide Part Number Input Voltage Range [VDC] 4 - 15 4 - 15 RPM3.3-6.0-EVM-1 RPM5.0-6.0-EVM-1 Output Voltage [VDC] 3.3 5 Output Current [A] 6 6 Quick Start Guide 1) Connect CON1 to power supply 2) Connect CON2 to a Load 3) Connect sense to the required potential The sense preset is via R3 directly at the power module, so the preset voltage is very accurate at the output of the RPM. To equalize ohmic losses of the filter, remove the resistor at R3, and solder a 0Ω resistor at R4. To sense directly at the load, desolder R3 and R4, and connect Pin3 of CON2 to the positive potential of the load. Notice: if voltage drop from the output to the load is too high, voltage overshoots may occur – especially during load jumps. 4) Disable the device via CON3 The device is preset as normally on. It can be disabled by pulling the enable pin to GND. Short R1 to disable the device. Caution: ESD sensitive. Always follow ESD preventative procedures when handling the product! www.recom-power.com REV.: 0/2018 P-1 PDF
Документация на серию RPM 

Дата модификации: 11.11.2019

Размер: 1.03 Мб

6 стр.

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