Тиристор - [TO-220-3]; Тип: Тиристор; Uмакс: 600 В; Iкомм: 6 А; Uудерж: 1.55 В; Iуэ(вкл): 25 мА; Iуэ(выкл): 0 А
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  • Группа: Тиристоры  
  • Серия: BTA06  
  • Корпус: TO220AB
  • Норма упаковки: 50  шт. (в линейках)
  • снято с производства

Технические характеристики

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Корпус TO220AB
Тип управляемого диода
Максимальное рабочее напряжение
Ток коммутации номинальный
Напряжение удержания открытого состояния
Ток управляющего электрода на включение
Ток управляющего электрода на выключение
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BTA06 and BTB06 Series ® 6A TRIACS SNUBBERLESS™, LOGIC LEVEL & STANDARD Table 1: Main Features A2 Symbol Value Unit IT(RMS) 6 A VDRM/VRRM 600 and 800 V IGT (Q1) 5 to 50 mA G A1 A2 DESCRIPTION Available either in through-hole or surface-mount packages, the BTA06 and BTB06 triac series is suitable for general purpose AC switching. They can be used as an ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation, induction motor starting circuits... or for phase control operation in light dimmers, motor speed controllers,... A1 A2 G A1 A2 G TO-220AB Insulated (BTA06) Table 2: Order Codes Part Number BTA06-xxxxxRG BTB06-xxxxxRG The snubberless and logic level versions (BTA/ BTB...W) are specially recommended for use on inductive loads, thanks to their high commutation performances. By using an internal ceramic pad, the BTA series provides voltage insulated tab (rated at 2500VRMS) complying with UL standards (File ref.: E81734). TO-220AB (BTB06) Marking See page table 8 on page 6 Table 3: Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol IT(RMS) ITSM Parameter RMS on-state current (full sine wave) TO-220AB TO-220AB Ins. Tc = 105°C Non repetitive surge peak on-state F = 50 Hz current (full cycle, Tj initial = 25°C) F = 60 Hz I²t Value for fusing tp = 10 ms dI/dt Critical rate of rise of on-state current IG = 2 x IGT , tr ≤ 100 ns F = 120 Hz IGM Peak gate current tp = 20 µs I²t PG(AV) Tstg Tj February 2006 Tc = 110°C Average gate power dissipation Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range REV. 6 Value Unit 6 A t = 20 ms 60 t = 16.7 ms 63 A 21 A²s Tj = 125°C 50 A/µs Tj = 125°C 4 A Tj = 125°C 1 W - 40 to + 150 - 40 to + 125 °C 1/7 PDF
Документация на серию BTA06 

6A TRIACS Datasheet;BTA06;BTB06

Дата модификации: 13.02.2006

Размер: 74.2 Кб

7 стр.

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