Контроллер PFC - [DIP-8]; Iстарт: 50 мкА; Uпит: 11...18 В; Iпотр: 4 мА; Примечание: Transition mode; Траб: -25...125 °C
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Корпус DIP-8
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L6561 POWER FACTOR CORRECTOR 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 2 FEATURES Figure 1. Packages VERY PRECISE ADJUSTABLE OUTPUT OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION MICRO POWER START-UP CURRENT (50µA TYP.) VERY LOW OPERATING SUPPLY CURRENT(4mA TYP.) INTERNAL START-UP TIMER CURRENT SENSE FILTER ON CHIP DISABLE FUNCTION 1% PRECISION (@ Tj = 25°C) INTERNAL REFERENCE VOLTAGE TRANSITION MODE OPERATION TOTEM POLE OUTPUT CURRENT: ±400mA DIP-8/SO-8 PACKAGES SO-8 DIP-8 Table 1. Order Codes Part Number Package L6561 DIP-8 L6561D SO-8 L6561D013TR Tape & Reel Realised in mixed BCD technology, the chip gives the following benefits: – micro power start up current – 1% precision internal reference voltage – (Tj = 25°C) – Soft Output Over Voltage Protection – no need for external low pass filter on the current sense – very low operating quiescent current minimises power dissipation The totem pole output stage is capable of driving a Power MOS or IGBT with source and sink currents of ±400mA. The device is operating in transition mode and it is optimised for Electronic Lamp Ballast application, AC-DC adaptors and SMPS. DESCRIPTION L6561 is the improved version of the L6560 standard Power Factor Corrector. Fully compatible with the standard version, it has a superior performant multiplier making the device capable of working in wide input voltage range applications (from 85V to 265V) with an excellent THD. Furthermore the start up current has been reduced at few tens of mA and a disable function has been implemented on the ZCD pin, guaranteeing lower current consumption in stand by mode. Figure 2. Block Diagram INV 1 2.5V VOLTAGE REGULATOR VCC COMP MULT 2 3 - CS 4 MULTIPLIER + OVER-VOLTAGE DETECTION 5pF + - 40K VCC 8 INTERNAL SUPPLY 7V 20V R R1 Q S + 7 UVLO DRIVER GD - R2 VREF2 2.1V 1.6V + ZERO CURRENT DETECTOR STARTER - DISABLE 6 GND June 2004 5 ZCD D97IN547E REV. 16 1/13 PDF
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Power factor corrector

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