Измеритель расхода электроэнергии - [TSSOP-20]
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STPM10 Programmable single-phase energy metering IC with tamper detection Datasheet − production data Features ■ Measures active, reactive, and apparent energies ■ Current, voltage RMS and instantaneous measurement ■ Frequency measurement ■ Ripple-free active energy pulsed output ■ Live and neutral monitoring for tamper detection ■ TSSOP20 Fast and simple one-point digital calibration over the whole current range ■ Integrated linear voltage regulators for digital and analog supply ■ Selectable RC or crystal oscillator ■ Supports 50 - 60 Hz - IEC62052-11, IEC620532x specifications ■ Less than 0.1% error in the 1000:1 range ■ Precision voltage reference: 1.23 V with 30 ppm/°C max Description The STPM10 is designed for effective measurement of active, reactive and apparent energy in a power line system using current transformer and shunt sensors. The device can be implemented for peripheral measurement in a microcontroller-based single-phase or poly-phase energy meter. The STPM10 consists of two main sections: analog and digital. The analog part is composed of preamplifier and first-order sigmadelta A/D converter blocks, a band-gap voltage Table 1. reference and low-drop voltage regulator. The digital part is composed of system control, oscillator, hard-wired DSP and SPI interface. There is also an internal volatile memory, which is controlled through the SPI by means of a dedicated command set. The configured bits are used for configuration and calibration purposes. From a pair of sigma-delta output signals produced by the analog section, the DSP unit computes the amount of active, reactive and apparent energy consumed, as well as the RMS and instantaneous voltage and current values. The results of the computation are available as pulse frequencies and states on the digital outputs of the device, or as data bits in a data stream, which can be read from the device by means of the SPI interface. The system bus interface is also used for temporary programming of bits of internal volatile memory. The STPM10 generates an output signal with a pulse frequency proportional to the energy, and this signal is used in the calibration phase of the energy metering application. Device summary Order code Temperature range Package Packaging STPM10BTR - 40 to 85 °C TSSOP20 (tape and reel) 2500 parts per reel January 2013 This is information on a product in full production. Doc ID 17728 Rev 4 1/53 53 PDF
Документация на серию STPM10 

Programmable single-phase energy metering IC with tamper detection

Дата модификации: 29.01.2013

Размер: 565.2 Кб

53 стр.

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