LTE модуль сотового модема. Встроенный приемник GPS/GLONASS.
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Конструктивное исполнение
Стандарты передачи данных
Особенности Приемник GPS/GLONASS, две SIM карты, скорость передачи данных до 42 Мб/с
Системный разъём
Антенный разъём
Напряжение питания
Размер 23×22×4.4 мм
Рабочая температура
Примечания Совместим по выводам с 2G/3G модулями серии HLxxxx
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AirPrime WP Series Datasheet Sierra Wireless® WP SeriesEMBEDDED Embedded Modules MODULES HL SERIES Expect more, do more with the next-gen WP ULTRA-LOW POWER DOMAIN Ideal for remote solar or batterypowered applications, the WP Series integrated power management feature can reduce power consumption by 200x compared to previous modules, enabling new usecases for cellular. For example: ŸŸ Devices that only need to transmit data once a day can now run on a single battery for up to 3 years* ŸŸ Devices that only need to transmit data once a week can now run on a single battery for 10 years* *based on sending 100kb of data, powered by a standard consumer-grade battery, operating on a 2G network. Sierra Wireless® AirPrime® WP Series provides an integrated device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module and seamlessly send valuable user and product data to the cloud. Offering an application processor running the open source Legato® platform, GNSS receiver, and cellular modem with an ultra-low power domain, WP modules reduce system complexity and get you to market faster. SIMPLIFY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT WITH A DEVICE-TO-CLOUD ARCHITECTURE ŸŸ All the key hardware components of your connected product in a compact form factor to save board space and reduce total BOM (bill of materials) ŸŸ Integrated Legato platform that maintains your Linux distribution and includes an application framework, development tools, and community support ŸŸ Integrated AirVantage® cloud services make it easy to access product and user data into your backend enterprise applications. FUTURE-PROOF YOUR PRODUCT DESIGNS ŸŸ CF3® (common flexible form factor) module design provides worldwide coverage on 2G, 3G, 4G, and LPWA networks, is compatible with HL Series of modules, and capable of supporting new wireless technologies ŸŸ The professionally maintained open source Legato platform for IoT enables you to reuse software components and applications in future designs with no vendor lock-in ŸŸ AirVantage cloud services with big data storage grows with your deployments and can power future revenue-generating services as your business evolves 22mm KEEP YOUR PRODUCTS DEPLOYED FOR YEARS IN THE FIELD ŸŸ New ultra-low power domain can reduce power consumption by 200x opening new use-cases for cellular where 100% connectivity to the network is not required 23mm ŸŸ Application sandbox within the Legato platform hosts your proprietary software and provides a secure place for 3rd party applications to enable future services for your customers ŸŸ Unlimited FOTA (firmware over-the-air) powered by AirVantage maintains optimized connectivity as networks evolve and keeps your data transmission protected as new security threats arise sierrawireless.com/embedded PDF
Документация на WP7502_1103375 

Дата модификации: 31.10.2017

Размер: 328.2 Кб

5 стр.

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    16 июня 2017

    С дополнительным ARM-контроллером для разработчика: сотовые модули WP от Sierra Wireless

    «Умные» сотовые модули WP производства Sierra Wireless на базе чипсета Qualcomm и процессора приложений на ядре ARM Cortex A5 работают почти во всех известных в мире стандартах и частотных диапазонах, позволяют подключить две СИМ–карты,... ...читать

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