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C orporate Hom e | Electronic Components | Se gm e nts | W ho W e Are My Account Searc h Products Documentation Resources My Account Customer Support Home > Products > By Type > Resistors > Product Feature Selector > Product Details CB10LH102M Product Details Live Product Chat Variable Resistors Quick Links C heck Pricing & Availability Search for Tooling Product Feature Selector C ontact Us About This Product C onve rte d to EU R oHS/ELV C om plia nt (Sta te m e nt of C om plia nce ) Product Highlights: l Variable Resistor l Resistor Type = Trimmer l Resistance Selection = K ? l Resistance = 1K ? l Power Rating = .15 W CB10LH102M (1630478-2) View all Features T E I nternal N umber: 1 6 3 0 4 7 8 - 2 Active A dd to M y P art L is t Reques t Sample Find Similar P roduc ts Buy P roduc t Documentation & Additional Information Product Drawings: l None Available Additional Information: l Product Line Information Catalog Pages/Data Sheets: l Type C B10 Series C arbon Economy Trimmers (PDF, English) Related Products: l Tooling Product Specifications: l None Available Application Specifications: l None Available Instruction Sheets: l None Available CAD Files: l None Available List all Documents Product Features (Please use the Product Drawing for all design activity) Product Type Features: l Product Type = Variable Resistor l Resistor Type = Trimmer l Resistance (?) = 1K l Element = C arbon l Sealed = No l Termination Type = PC B Terminations Electrical Characteristics: l Resistance Selection (?) = K l Power Rating (W) = 0.15 l Tolerance (%) = 20 Termination Related Features: l Termination Post Orientation = 5.0 x 2.5 Body Related Features: l Series = C B10 l Package, C omponent Size = 10mm Sq. Configuration Related Features: l Sections = Single l Adjustment Location = Side l Adjustment Style = Screwdriver Slot l Operating Function = Single Turn Industry Standards: l RoHS/ELV C ompliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant l Lead Free Solder Processes = Wave solder capable to 240?C , Wave solder capable to 260?C , Wave solder capable to 265?C l RoHS/ELV C ompliance History = C onverted to comply with RoHS directive Conditions for Usage: l Temperature C oefficient (ppm/?C ) = 500 Other: l Brand = C itec Provide Website Feedback | Need Help? Home | C ustomer Support | Suppliers | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Browser Support © 2009 Tyco Electronics C orporation All Rights Reserved PDF
Документация на 1630478-2 

Дата модификации: 17.08.2017

Размер: 112.4 Кб

1 стр.

Carbon Economy Trimmers Type CB10 Series Key Features I Low Cost I Robust Enclosed Construction I Spindle Adjust Versions I Flame Retardant I Arrow Position Indicator I Top, Bottom and Side Adjust Styles I Stable in High Humidity I Edgewheel Operation Style Low price, versatility and stable environmental characteristics are important benefits of this product. Featuring an innovative carbon resistive element printed on film in a fully enclosed package, this potentiometer style is normally chosen for a wide range of applications in industrial, professional and consumer equipment. Characteristics - Electrical Resistance Range: 100R to 10M Linear , 1K to 1M Non-Linear Resistance Values: 1, 2.2 & 4.7 in each decade Resistance Tolerance: ± 20% (± 30% above 1 Megohms) End Resistance: < 3% Power Rating @ 40°C: 0.15 Watts (derating to zero at 70°C) Maximum Voltage: Lin. 200V DC / Log. 150V DC Rotational Noise (CRV): <5% of Rn nominal Temperature Coefficient: ±500 ppm/°C( < 100K ohms) Slider Current: 50mA Resolution: Essentially Infinite Electrical Adjustment: 240° Nominal 1 Turn Characteristics - Mechanical End Torque: 50 mNm maximum Starting Torque: 4 to 20 mNm Mechanical Adjustment: 295° nominal Weight: 0.8 grams Characteristics - Environmental Temperature Range: -25°C to +70°C Temperature Storage: 1000 hours at 100°C Rotational Life: 500 cycles, minimum Load Life at 40°C: ΔR <10% after 1000 hours Sealing: Dust and Splash Proof Climate Category: 25/70/21 (10000 cycles-extended life versions) 1773190 CIS BI 06/2011 Dimensions are in millimeters and inches unless otherwise specified. Values in brackets are standard equivalents. Dimensions are shown for reference purposes only. Specifications subject to change. For email, phone or live chat, go to: te.com/help PDF
Документация на серию CB10 

Carbon Economy Trimmers -Type CB10 Series - Tyco Electronics Components Ltd

Дата модификации: 03.08.2011

Размер: 170.9 Кб

3 стр.

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