Разъём USB - Стандарт: USB 2.0; Тип: Type B; Монтаж: На кабель; Тип разъема: Вилка; Порты: 1
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A- 1954640-1 (TE) 1 шт Разъём USB - Стандарт: USB 2.0; Тип: Type B; Монтаж: На кабель; Тип разъема: Вилка; Пор...

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Introducing Latching USB Connector To support the increasingly wide-spread use of the USB standard in Industrial applications, TE Connectivity has added industrial ruggedized connectors to its USB connector family. The Latching USB connectors and cable assemblies add 40 N of retention force to a High Speed (USB 2.0) interconnection and permit attaching or detaching peripherals without power down or reboot. KEY FEATURES OPERATING EFFICIENCY • 40 N retention force The locking mechanism of the latching USB connectors makes industrial applications more reliable: 40 N of retention force make an accidental unplugging less likely to happen. Once the receptacle is designed in, the cable assemblies make it very convenient to use the added benefit of the locking function. • Intermateable with existing USB type A receptacles • Integrated locking mechanism • USB 2.0 Compliant MECHANICAL • Plug and Play capability • Available both as a plug kit for costumer made cable assemblies as well as pre-made standard length assemblies. • IP 20 protection level • Operating Temp. -55 °C to +85 °C STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS APPLICATIONS • USB 2.0 compliant • Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Panels • Machine Vision • Product specifications 108-78523 • Application specifications 114-5434 • Printers • Barcode Readers MATERIALS • Mass Storage • Housing – High temperature thermoplastic, UL94V-0, black • Contact – Brass, gold plated on contact area, nickel underplated Electrical • Shield – Steel, nickel plated, copper underplated • Voltage Rating — 30VAC (rms) • Data Rate – 480Mbits/s PRODUCT OFFERING Part Number Description 2013798-1 Industrial USB Plug Conn Kit 1903814-1 Industrial USB Rec Assy R/A 1Row 1903815-1 Industrial USB Rec Assy R/A 2Row 2083112-2 Cable Assy Ind. USB Type A (1m) 2083112-3 Cable Assy Ind. USB Type A (2m) 2083112-4 Cable Assy Ind. USB Type A (3m) 2083112-5 Cable Assy Ind. USB Type A (5m) While TE has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this brochure, TE does not guarantee that it is error-free, nor does TE make any other representation, warranty or guarantee that the information is accurate, correct, reliable or current. TE reserves the right to make any adjustments to the information contained herein at any time without notice. TE expressly disclaims all implied warranties regarding the information contained herein, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The dimensions in this catalog are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Consult TE for the latest dimensions and design specifications. te.com/products/Industrial-USB-Connectors © 2011 Tyco Electronics Corporation, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company. All Rights Reserved. TE Connectivity and the TE connectivity (logo) are trademarks. Other logos, product and/or 1-1773463-4 CIS WR 11/2011 company names might be trademarks of their respective owners. USA: 1-800-522-6752 Canada: +1-905-475-6222 Mexico: +52 (0) 55-1106-0800 Latin/S. America: +54 (0) 11-4733-2200 Germany: +49 (0) 6251-133-1999 UK: +44 (0) 800-267666 France: +33 (0) 1-3420-8686 Netherlands: +31 (0) 73-6246-999 China: +86 (0) 400-820-6015 PDF
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