Аксессуар для реле - Примечания: SOCKET, DIN, 5MM PITCH, SCREW TERM
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Примечания Карточка
PA 6-1415035-1 (TE)
RT78726 (TE)
1 шт
P= 14F08-E (NCR) 10 шт
P= 14FF-2Z-C3 (HONGFA)
P= RT78725 (TE) 10 шт
P= 9505SPA (FINDER) 1 шт Аксессуар для реле -
P= 9575SMA (FINDER) 10 шт
P= 95853SMA (FINDER) 10 шт
P= 1860306-1 (TE)
RT78725 (TE)
в коробках 10 шт
P= 9505SMA (FINDER) 10 шт
P= 95759SMA (FINDER) 10 шт

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SCHRACK General Purpose Relays Accessories Interface Plug-in Relay XT n For Interface Plug-in Relay XT, pinning 5 mm n Retainer clip with ejection function n Easy replacement of relays on a densely packed DIN rail n No reduction of protection class or creepage/clearance with plastic retainer n Simple plug-in indicator- and protection modules n White snap-on marking tags n RoHS compliant (Directive 2002/95/EC) F0290-E Premium socket with screwless terminals for DIN rail mounting RT 78 72P Premium socket, logical terminal arrangement n Screwless Clamps n Mounting of solid wires without tool n Double Clamps per terminal n Jumper links for interconnection n Open coil circuit for active modules n Logical terminal arrangement F0301-B S0545-CX Approvals V REG.-Nr. 6106 in preparation, Z E135149 *) For 1 pole relays (16 A) the relay terminals 11-21, 12-22 and 14-24 have to be bridged. Technical data Rated voltage / max. switching voltage AC Rated current Dielectric strength coil-contact circuit open contact circuit adjacent contact circuits Clearance / creepage coil-contact circuit Material group of insulation parts Insulation to IEC 60664-1 Type of insulation coil-contact circuit open contact circuit adjacent contact circuits Rated insulation voltage Pollution degree Rated voltage system Overvoltage category RoHS - Directive 2002/95/EC 240 / 400 VAC 2 x 8 A, 16 A*) 5000 Vrms 1000 Vrms 2500 Vrms W 8 / 8 mm IIIa reinforced functional functional 250 V 2 230 / 400 V III compliant 1 Datasheet Rev. IJ1 Issued 2009/10 www.tycoelectronics.com www.schrackrelays.com Dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified and are shown for reference purposes only. Product specification according to IEC 61810-1. Product data, technical parameters, test conditions and processing information only to be used together with the 'Definitions' section in the catalogue or at schrackrelays.com in the ‘Schrack’ section. Specifications subject to change. PDF
Документация на RT78726 


Дата модификации: 15.10.2009

Размер: 426.2 Кб

4 стр.

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