TSV 1205D

DC-DC модульный преобразователь - Монтаж: на плату, SMD12; P вых: 1 Вт; #: 2; U вх: 10.8...13.2 В; Выход: 5 В, -5 В; Защита: короткого замыкания
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Выходная мощность
Количество каналов
Входное напряжение
Параметры выходов
Комплекс защит
Номинальное входное напряжение
Напряжение 1 выхода
Напряжение 2 выхода
Ток 1 выхода
Ток 2 выхода
Уровень пульсаций
Напряжение изоляции вход-выход
Размер 15.24×8×6.95 мм
Рабочая температура
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Аналоги 25

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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Монтаж P вых Каналов U вх Выход Возможности Защита U вх ном. U1 U2 U3 I1 I2 I3 Шум КПД Паралл. сх. Uиз. вх-вых Uиз. вх-общ Uиз. вых-общ Uиз. вых-вых Серт. медиц. T раб Примечания Карточка
A- DETN01M-05 (MW)
A- MDD01M-05 (MW)
SIP7 5 шт
A- TMA 1205D (TRACO)
SIP6 в линейках 10 шт
A- TMV 1205D (TRACO)
SIP7 в линейках 10 шт короткого замыкания, перенапряжения, перегрева
A- TSM 1205D (TRACO)
SMD1810 в линейках 10 шт DC-DC модульный преобразователь - Монтаж: на плату, SMD18; P вых: 1 Вт; #: 2; U вх: 10.... короткого замыкания, перенапряжения, перегрева
A- DETN01M-05N (MW)
A- DPU01M-05 (MW)
A- E1205D-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
A- G1205S-1WR2 (MORNSUN)
A- G1205S-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
A- E1205S-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
в линейках 100 шт
в линейках 50 шт
A- E1505S-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
SIP87 1 шт
1 шт
A- A1205D-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
A- A1205S-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
в линейках 50 шт
в линейках 20 шт
A- A1505S-1WR2 (MORNSUN)
SIP76 110 шт
A- A1505S-1WR3 (MORNSUN)
SIP76 в линейках 234 шт

Файлы 3

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Baar, 11. December 2014 Cleaning Guideline Scope This guideline covers hermetically sealed board mounted Traco converters. We do not recommend washing insert moulded products, where it is difficult to get them dry inside. Please check also, if there is an additional comment about washing in the datasheet or application note of the concerned product. Note: We do generally not recommend washing or cleaning electronic components. You should avoid it, if it is not absolutely necessary. It may reduce the reliability of the involved components in your application. Board cooling prior to cleaning process Converters and their associated application PCB assemblies should not be wash-cleaned after soldering until they had the opportunity to cool within the cleaning solution temperature. This will prevent vacuum absorption of the cleaning liquid into the module between the pins and the potting during cooling. Cleaning agents Cleaning method Classification Cleaning agents Water type Deionized water Ultrasonic wave Solvent type IPA Note: In general, the liquid temperature shall be less than 60°C. Cleaning process In aqueous cleaning, it is preferred to have an in-line cleaner system consisting of several cleaning stages (prewash, wash, rinse, final rinse, and drying). Deionised (DI) water is recommended for aqueous cleaning; the minimum resistively level is 1MΩ-cm. Tap-water quality varies per region in terms of hardness, chloride, and solid contents. Therefore, the use of tap water is not recommended for aqueous cleaning. Note: The total time of ultrasonic wave shall be less than 3 minutes. Drying After cleaning, assure that everything will be dry enough, that the moisture and other potential contaminants will not be present anymore. Use an air circulating chamber (e.g. 0.5-0.7m3/s) and thermal oven at 80-100°C (during 20-120min, depending on assembling, structure, components). Handheld air guns are not recommended. It is on customer’s own responsibility to ensure all components are dry. Product post-wash external appearance The marking or date-code may fade or disappear after cleaning. That does not concern the performance of the converter. Andreas Flühler, Head of Technical Services PDF
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Cleaning Guideline

Дата модификации: 02.02.2021

Размер: 79 Кб

1 стр.

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Дата модификации: 21.08.2006

Размер: 123.4 Кб

3 стр.

Документация на серию TSV 


Дата модификации: 19.01.2006

Размер: 121.4 Кб

3 стр.

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