Конденсатор танталовый 16 В, 100 мкФ ±10%, корпус F
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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Напряжение Ёмкость Допуск Корпус T раб Ток утечки tanD ESR Пульсации Монтаж Особенности Карточка
A+ 199D107X0016F6B1E3 (VISHAY)
A+ 199D107X0020F6V1E3 (VISHAY)
A+ 199D107X9016F6B1E3 (VISHAY)
A+ 199D107X9020F6V1E3 (VISHAY)
A+ TAJF107M016RNJ (AVX) TANT60322060X32X20MM
A+ TPSF107M016R0200 (AVX) TANT60322060X32X20MM Конденсатор танталовый 16 В 100 мкФ ±20% типоразмер SMD_6032-20
A+ T322F107K020AS (KEM)
A+ T322F107K020AT (KEM)
A+ T322F107M020AT (KEM)

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199D Vishay Sprague Solid-Electrolyte TANTALEX® Capacitors, Resin-Coated, Radial-Lead FEATURES • Terminations: Tin/lead (SnPb), 100 % tin (Sn) Pb-free • Economy and high performance are combined Available in these radial-lead, solid-electrolyte TANTALEX® capacitor RoHS* • Rugged, reliable capacitors featuring low COMPLIANT leakage current and low dissipation factor • Six miniature case sizes and five lead styles. All case sizes are available in standard tape and reel packaging per EIA-RS-468 • Standard ratings include replacements for Type 196D capacitors • Lead (Pb)-free capacitors have “L” in body marking APPLICATIONS • Suitable for a broad range of consumer, commercial and industrial equipment PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS At + 85 °C: Leakage current shall not exceed 10 times the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. At + 125 °C: Leakage shall not exceed 15 times the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. Life Test: Capacitors shall withstand rated DC voltage applied at + 85 °C for 1000 h with a circuit resistance not greater than 3 Ω. Following the life test: 1. DCL shall not exceed 125 % of the initial requirements 2. Dissipation Factor shall meet the initial requirement 3. Change in capacitance shall not exceed ± 10 % Operating Temperature: - 55 °C to + 85 °C (To + 125 °C with voltage derating) Capacitance Tolerance: At 120 Hz, + 25 °C, ± 20 %, ± 10 % standard. ± 5 % available as special Dissipation Factor: At 120 Hz, + 25 °C. Dissipation factor, shall not exceed the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. DC Leakage Current (DCL Max.): At + 25 °C: Leakage current shall not exceed the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. LEAD STYLE CONFIGURATIONS AND DIMENSIONS** (LL = Lead Length) “LONG/SHORT” LL 1, 3 and Y EVEN LL 2, 4 and 5 D D + + 3±1 H “OUTSIDE HOCKEYSTICK” 6 and 7 + + L 6.35 max. D + + H1 L 1.1 ± 0.05 L P P “HAIRPIN” X, Z D D + + H “SNAP- IN” 9 H H L L P P H1 P (1) - WIRE DIAMETER (NOMINAL) 0.020" [0.51 mm] AVAILABLE LEAD STYLES AND PACKAGING TYPES PER CASE SIZE LEAD STYLE/CASE A B C D E F 1 2 Bulk V1 Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 3 4 5 Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 Bulk V1 Bulk/Reel Ammo 6 Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 7 9 X Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 Y Z Bulk V1 Bulk V1 Reel B1 Ammo A1 * Pb containing terminations are not RoHS compliant, exemptions may apply Document Number: 40020 Revision: 18-Mar-08 For technical questions, contact: tantalum@vishay.com www.vishay.com 111 PDF
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Дата модификации: 30.07.2008

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