Резистор 0201 5.62 Ом ± 1% -200 ppm/K
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  Примечания: Fixed Resistor, Metal Glaze/thick Film, 0.05W, 5.62ohm, 30V, 1% +/-Tol, -200,400ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 0201
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CRCW0201 e3 Vishay Lead (Pb)-Free Commodity Thick Film Chip Resistors FEATURES • High volume product suitable for commercial applications • Pure tin solder contacts on Ni barrier layer provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes • Metal glaze on high quality ceramic • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see STANDARD ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL CASE SIZE INCH CASE SIZE METRIC POWER RATING P70 W LIMITING ELEMENT VOLTAGE Umax. ACRMS/DC V TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT ppm/K TOLERANCE % ± 200 RESISTANCE RANGE Ω 10.0 to 10M ± 0.5 0.05 CRCW0201 0201 30 E24; E96 -200 / +400 1.0 to 9.76 ± 100 47.0 to 1M ± 200 SERIES ±1 10.0 to 10M E24; E96 RR 0603M -200 / +400 1.0 to 9.76 ± 200 10.0 to 10M ±5 E24 -200 / +400 1.0 to 9.1 Zero-ohm-resistor: Rmax. = 50 mΩ, Imax. at 70 °C = 1.0 A Notes • These resistors do not feature a limited lifetime when operated within the permissible limits. However, resistance value drift increasing over operating time may result in exceeding a limit acceptable to the specific application, thereby establishing a functional lifetime • Power rating depends on the max. temperature at the solder point, the component placement density and the substrate material TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER UNIT CRCW0201 Rated Dissipation at 70 °C (1) W 0.05 Operating Voltage Umax. ACRMS/DC V 30 Insulation Voltage Uins (1 min) V 50 Insulation Resistance Ω > 109 Operating Temperature Range °C -55 to +155 Weight mg 0.17 Note (1) The power dissipation on the resistor generates a temperature rise against the local ambient, depending on the heat flow support of the printed-circuit board (thermal resistance). The rated dissipation applies only if the permitted film temperature of 155 °C is not exceeded Revision: 05-Jan-2021 Document Number: 20052 1 For technical questions, contact: THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS, SET FORTH AT PDF
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