Резистор AXIAL 122.31 Ом ± 0.01% 4 ppm/K
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  Примечания: Bulk Metal® Foil Technology Industrial Precision Resistors with TCR of ± 4 ppm/°C
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VSR Series Vishay Foil Resistors Bulk Metal® Foil Technology Industrial Precision Resistors with TCR of ± 4 ppm/°C and Tolerance of ± 0.01 % FEATURES INTRODUCTION Bulk Metal® Foil technology out performs all other resistor technologies available today for applications that require high precision and high stability. This technology has been pioneered and developed by VISHAY, and products based on this technology are the most suitable for a wide range of applications. Generally Bulk Metal Foil technology allows us to produce customer orientated products designed to satisfy challenging and specific technical requirements. The VSR series of resistors is a low cost version of the well established S series of resistors. These resistors are made of foil elements so all of the inherent performance of foil is retained. They do not however, have the same TCR or tolerance ranges (see table 1 for details). These products find a wide range of usage in high end stereo equipment and some grades of test and measurement equipment. Standoffs are dimensioned to provide a minimum lead clearance of 0.010" between the resistor body and the printed circuit board, when the standoffs are seated on the board. This allows for proper cleaning after the soldering process. Our applications engineering department is available to advise and to make recommendations for non standard technical requirements and special applications, please contact us. • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) (1): ± 4 ppm/°C (0 °C to + 60 °C) ± 8 ppm/°C (- 55 °C to + 125 °C, + 25 °C ref.) • Resistance range: 0.5 Ω to 1 MΩ (higher or lower values of resistance are available) • Vishay Foil resistors are not restricted to standard values, we can supply specific “as required” values at no extra cost or delivery (e.g. 1K2345 vs. 1K) • Tolerance: to ± 0.01 % (100 ppm) • Load life stability: to ± 0.005 % at 70 °C, 2000 h at rated power • Electrostatic discharge up to 25 000 V • Non inductive, non capacitive design • Rise time: 1 ns effectively no ringing • Current noise: - 40 dB • Thermal EMF: 0.05 µV/°C typical • Voltage coefficient: < 0.1 ppm/V • Inductance: 0.08 µH • Matched sets available • Terminal finish: lead (Pb)-free tin/lead alloy • Prototype samples available from 72 h. For more information, please contact foil@vishay.com • For better performances please review the S Series datasheet Note (1) APPLICATIONS • • • • • Percent of Rated Power at + 125 °C FIGURE 1 - POWER DERATING CURVE 200 % - 55 °C For values below 50 Ω please contact application engineering Industrial Medical Audio (high end stereo equipment) Test and measurement equipment Precision amplifiers FIGURE 2 - TRIMMING TO VALUES (Conceptual Illustration) + 70 °C Double Rated Power 175 % 150 % Interloop Capacitance Reduction in Series 125 % Rated Power 100 % 75 % Safe operation for < 150 ppm Δ R after 2000 hours load-life. 50 % Mutual Inductance Reduction due to Change in Current Direction 25 % 0 - 75 Current Path Before Trimming - 50 - 25 0 + 25 + 50 + 75 Current Path After Trimming Trimming Process Removes this Material from Shorting Strip Area Changing Current Path and Increasing Resistance + 100 + 125 + 150 + 175 + 200 Ambient Temperature (°C) Note: Foil shown in black, etched spaces in white * Pb containing terminations are not RoHS compliant, exemptions may apply Document Number: 63009 Revision: 23-Mar-10 For any questions, contact: foil@vishaypg.com www.foilresistors.com 1 PDF
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