Battery Tester Reference Design for High Current Applications

1 января 2018

Texas Instrumentsопорное решениеинтегральные микросхемысредства разработки и материалы

Li-Ion battery formation and electrical testing require accurate voltage and current control, usually to better than ±0.05% over the specified temperature range. This reference design proposes a solution for high-current (up to 50 A) battery tester applications supporting input (bus) voltages from 8 V–16 V and output load (battery) voltages from 0V–5V. The design utilizes an integrated multi-phase bidirectional controller, LM5170, combined with a high precisiondata converters and instrumentation amplifiers to achieve charge and discharge accuracies of 0.01% full scale. To maximize battery capacity and minimize battery formation time, the design uses highly-accurate constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) calibration loops with a simplified interface. All key design theories are described guiding users through the part selection process and optimization. Finally, schematic, board layout, hardware testing, and results are also presented.


Battery test subsystem with calibration control achieving 0.01% full scale current control accuracy Supports up to 50-A applications with an input voltage (bus) from 8 V–16 V and output load (battery) from 0 V–4.5 V (5 V max) LM5170 bidirectional buck, boost controller Programmable high-precision reference supplied by DAC80004 Voltage and current monitoring provided by the ADS131A04 24 bit delta-sigma User friendly control interface


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