Ultrasonic Sensing Water Meter Front-End Reference Design

1 января 2018

Texas Instrumentsопорное решениеинтегральные микросхемы

This reference design helps designers develop an ultrasonic water-metering subsystem using an integrated, ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) module, which provides superior metrology performance with low-power consumption and maximum integration. The design is based on the 256KB MSP430FR6047 microcontroller (MCU), with integrated high-speed, ADC-based, signal acquisition and an integrated low energy accelerator (LEA) to optimize digital signal processing.


Best-in-class metrology performance: 25-ps zero-flow drift (ZFD) and 32-ps single-shot standard deviation Low-power consumption: Approximately 2.5 μA with 1-MHz transducer at 1 measurement per second for metrology Flexibility to test different pipes and transducers; direct interface to pair of transducers Easy to test and customize using Ultrasonic Sensing Design Center graphical user interface (GUI) Ultrasonic sensing software library includes time of flight (ToF) algorithms Standalone demo using liquid-crystal display (LCD)


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