CCG3PA: USB Type-C 45W Car Charger

1 января 2018

Cypressопорное решение

The CCG3PA Car Charger Reference Design Board is a receptacle based USB-C Charger with USB PD 3.0 support. It is designed to work with standard Car Lighter Attachment (CLA). The design works with any DC input between 2.7V to 30V.

The EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Evaluation Kit (CY4532) is available at Digi-Key along with CCG3PA silicon. CY4532 can be used as a vehicle for CCG3PA-based USB Type-C Power Adapter (PA), USB Type-C mobile charger and USB Type-C Power Bank (PB) applications. The below reference design is available with full hardware design files (schematic, layout, etc.) and firmware for customers to reduce design cycle.

Reference design features:

  • Supports USB PD 3.0 and QC3.0

  • Fixed PDO: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A,20V/2.25A,

  • PPS: 3V-11V/3A, 3V — 16V/3A

  • Low BOM cost with SC8815 needs 2 external MOSFETs

  • CCG3PA controls SC8815 via I2C interface, including voltage and current limit


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