EZR-LEDK1W-434: EZRadio Remote Control, 434MHz

1 января 2018

SILICON LABSопорное решение

The Silicon Laboratories EZRadio Remote Control Demo Kit (P/N EZR-LEDK1W-XXX) contains everything you need to familiarize yourself with and evaluate the Si4010 RF SoC transmitter and the Si4355 receiver. The kit has three versions: one for the 434 MHz band, one for the 868 MHz band, and one for the 915 MHz band.

The key features of the demo kit are as follows:

  • The key fob demo board has five push buttons and one LED output.

  • The receiver demo board has four LEDs to display received key fob commands.

  • The provided software pack contains all the documentation and files needed to develop a user application.

  • The kit supports the use of the Silicon Laboratories Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for software debugging and the use of the Keil C compiler, assembler, and linker tool chain.

  • Contains demo applications using API functions and the key fob demo application.


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