SIC403DB: 1.2V @ 6A, 3 ~ 28V in

1 января 2018

Vishay-IRопорное решение

The Vishay Siliconix SiC401A/B, SiC402A/B and SiC403A/B are advanced stand-alone synchronous buck regulators, featuring integrated power MOSFETs, bootstrap switch, and a programmable LDO in a space-saving PowerPAK MLP55-32L pin packages.

The SiC401A/B, SiC402A/B and SiC403A/B are capable of operating with all ceramic solutions and switching frequencies up to 1 MHz. The programmable frequency, synchronous operation and selectable power-save feature allow operation at high efficiency across the full range of load current.

The internal LDO may be used to supply 5 V for the gate drive circuits or it may be bypassed with an external 5 V for optimum efficiency and used to drive external n-channel MOSFETs or other loads.

Additional features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, voltage soft-start, under-voltage protection, programmable over-current protection, soft shutdown and selectable power-save. Both the SiC401A/B, SiC402A/B and SiC403A/B provides an enable input and a power good output.


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