TOUCHLRACOMBOGEVB:Demo Board featuring a Capacitive Touch Sensor & Haptic Driver with Proximity Sensing

1 января 2018

ON Semiconductorопорное решение

The TOUCHLRACOMBOGEVB demo showcases ON Semiconductor’s High-Accuracy Capacitive Touch Sensor along with supporting devices to provide visual and audible feedback. Such devices include: Capacitance-Digital-Converter for Electrostatic Capacitance Touch Sensing (LC717A10AR), Linear Vibrator Driver (LC899301XA) and an 8-bit Microcontroller (LC87F1M16A).

ON Semiconductor’s highly integrated capacitance-to-digital converter IC speeds up implementation and reduces component count of electrostatic capacitance touch sensor applications. The LC717A10A simplifies the replacement of mechanical switches with capacitive touch sensors for applications including home appliances, auto/visual equipment, computer peripherals and automotive instrument panels. This device utilizes differential sensing technology to eliminate many of the current issues plaguing the touch sensor market, such as wet and noisy environments. The differential sensing of the LC717A10A enables high levels of sensitivity and neutralization of electric noise. This key feature makes the LC717A10A ideal for applications where users may wear gloves or where a thick, protective glass cover is needed.


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