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SCM1703A Opto-coupler Feedback Controller Features          Built-in Loop Compensation Circuit 700V Startup Switch Wide VDD Range tolerates Small Bias Capacitor Advanced Capacitive loading with Self-Powered during Startup Output Over Voltage Protection Output Short Circuit Protection Fault-protection FA PIN Fault-protected CS PIN Over Temperature Protection Applications  Package Product package: SOP-7. Please see “Ordering Information” for details AC-DC flyback converter designs in the 5W max power range using opto-coupler feedback. Functional Description The SCM1703A controller for isolated flyback power supply designs provides a voltage control using an opto-coupler feedback to improve transient response time to large load steps. Current control is accomplished through Primary Side Regulation (PSR) techniques. This device processes information from opto-coupler feedback and an auxiliary flyback winding for precise high-performance control of output voltage and current. A combination of an internal 700 Volt startup switch, dynamically controlled operating states and a tailored modulation profile support the ultra-low standby power without sacrifices regarding startup time or output transient response time. The chip integrated loop compensation circuit provides precise high-performance control of output voltage and great output transient response. SCM1703A integrates functions that provide protection in case of output over voltage, FA pin fault, CS pin fault, output short circuit and over temperature in addition to other protection, all easily meeting all safety requirements. Typical Application Circuit VER.A3 2019.07 Page 1 of 11 PDF
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