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S-5701 B Series www.ablic.com 125°C OPERATION, SUPER LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION, LOW VOLTAGE OPERATION, OMNIPOLAR DETECTION TYPE TMR MAGNETIC SENSOR IC Rev.1.0_00 © ABLIC Inc., 2020 This IC, developed by TMR (tunnel magneto resistance effect) technology and CMOS technology, is a magnetic sensor IC that operates with super low current consumption and low voltage. The output voltage level changes when this IC detects the intensity level of magnetic flux density. Using this IC with a magnet makes it possible to detect the open / close in various devices. ABLIC Inc. offers a "magnetic simulation service" that provides the ideal combination of magnets and our magnetic sensor IC for customer systems. Our magnetic simulation service will reduce prototype production, development period and development costs. In addition, it will contribute to optimization of parts to realize high cost performance. For more information regarding our magnetic simulation service, contact our sales representatives.  Features • Super low current consumption (IDD = 160 nA typ.) contributes to device power saving and extended period operation of battery devices • High sensitivity magnetic characteristics enable downsizing of magnets • Contributes to accurate mechanism operation over a wide temperature range due to excellent thermal stability of magnetic characteristics (Refer to "2. Magnetic characteristics" in " Characteristics (Typical Data)" for details) • Uses a thin (t0.80 mm max.) TSOT-23-3S package, contributing to the enhancement of the designs of devices  Specifications • Detection direction: • Pole detection: • Output logic: • Output form: • Magnetic sensitivity*1: • Operating cycle (current consumption): • Power supply voltage range: • Operation temperature range: • Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free  Applications Horizontal direction (Refer to " Operation" for details) Omnipolar detection Active "L" CMOS output BOP = 1.0 mT typ. BOP = 3.0 mT typ. tCYCLE = 100 ms (IDD = 160 nA) typ. VDD = 1.7 V to 5.5 V Ta = −40°C to +125°C • Home security device (Window/door open/close detection) • Utility meter • Battery powered device • Wearable device  Package • TSOT-23-3S *1. The option can be selected. 1 PDF
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