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Документация на серию ADUM6420

FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM isoPower integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converter 100 mA output supply AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications ADuM6421AW (ADuM6423AW pending) Meets CISPR 32/EN55032 Class B emission limits up to 5 Mbps at a full load on a 2-layer PCB Quad dc to 100 Mbps signal isolation channels 28-lead, fine pitch, SOIC with 8.3 mm minimum creepage High temperature operation: 125°C maximum High common-mode transient immunity: 100 kV/µs Safety and regulatory approvals (pending) UL recognition (pending) 5000 V rms for 1 minute per UL 1577 CSA Component Acceptance Notice 5A (pending) VDE V 0884-11 certificate of conformity (pending) VIORM = 566 V peak CQC certification per GB4943.1-2011 (pending) VDD1 1 28 VDD2 GND1 2 27 GND 2 GND1 3 26 GND 2 VIA/VOA 4 VIB/VOB 5 VIC/VOC 6 VID/VOD 7 GND1 8 4-CHANNEL iCoupler CORE LOW POWER ON-OFF KEYING ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ ADuM6422A/ADuM6423A/ ADuM6424A LOW RADIATED EMISSIONS DC TO DC PDIS 9 PCS 23 VOC/VIC 22 VOD/VID 21 GND 2 20 VSEL GND1 10 VDDP 11 25 VOA/VIA 24 VOB/VIB 19 GND ISO OSC RECT REG 18 VISO 17 GND ISO GND1 12 16 NIC NIC 13 GND1 14 15 GND ISO NIC = NO INTERNAL CONNECTION. LEAVE THIS PIN FLOATING. APPLICATIONS 21365-001 Data Sheet Quad-Channel Isolators with Integrated DC-to-DC Converter ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ADuM6422A/ADuM6423A/ADuM6424A Figure 1. RS-232 transceivers Power supply start-up bias and gate drives Isolated sensor interfaces Automotive on-board charger (OBC) and dc to dc Industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs) GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ADuM6422A/ADuM6423A/ ADuM6424A1 are quad-channel digital isolators with an isoPower®, integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converter. Based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology, the dc-to-dc converter provides regulated, isolated power that meets CISPR 32/EN 55032 Class B limits at a full load on a 2-layer printed circuit board (PCB) with ferrites. Popular voltage combinations and the associated output current levels are listed in Table 1. The ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ADuM6422A/ADuM6423A/ ADuM6424A eliminate the need for a separate, isolated dc-todc converter in 500 mW, isolated designs. The iCoupler chip scale transformer technology is used for isolated logic signals and for the magnetic components of the dc-to-dc converter. The result is a small form factor, total isolation solution. 1 The ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ADuM6422A/ADuM6423A/ ADuM6424A isolators provide four independent isolation channels (see the Pin Configurations and Function Descriptions for additional information). Table 1. ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ADuM6422A/ ADuM6423A/ADuM6424A Output Current Levels VDDP (V) 5 5 3.3 VISO (V) 5 3.3 3.3 85°C 100 100 60 ISO Current, IISO (mA) 105°C 125°C 65 30 65 30 60 20 Protected by U.S. Patents 5,952,849; 6,873,065; 6,903,578; and 7,075,329. Other patents are pending. Rev. B Document Feedback Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use. Specifications subject to change without notice. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices. Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. One Technology Way, P.O. Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-9106, U.S.A. Tel: 781.329.4700 ©2021 Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. Technical Support www.analog.com PDF
Документация на серию ADUM6420 

ADuM6420A/ADuM6421A/ADuM6422A/ADuM6423A/ADuM6424A (Rev. B) Quad-Channel Isolators with Integrated DC-to-DC Converter

Дата модификации: 28.04.2021

Размер: 725.4 Кб

31 стр.

    Товары серии ADUM6420

    Наименование i Упаковка TX RX
    ADUM6420ABRNZ3 (AD)
    ADUM6420ABRNZ3-RL (AD)
    ADuM6420ABRNZ5 (AD)
    ADUM6420ABRNZ5-RL (AD)
    ADUM6421ABRNZ3 (AD) 92 шт
    ADUM6421ABRNZ3-RL (AD)
    ADuM6421ABRNZ5 (AD) 1 шт
    ADUM6421ABRNZ5-RL (AD) 1 шт
    ADUM6422ABRNZ3 (AD) 5 шт
    ADUM6422ABRNZ3-RL (AD)
    ADuM6422ABRNZ5 (AD)
    ADUM6422ABRNZ5-RL (AD) 1 шт
    EVAL-ADuM6421ARNZ (AD) 1 шт